Thanks to the power of the internet and social media, we stumbled upon Ade Yusuf's artwork not too long ago. Once we did we instantaneously knew we wanted to get to know the artist behind what he calls “Simple Kinky Erotica”. 


Yusuf is a young artist based out of Indonesia who is currently pursuing art in Jogjakarta. Yusuf, in no other words, has an extremely wild imagination, which we absolutely dig. Influenced by sex, skating, surfing, and sub- culture, Yusuf’s art comes into its own as he also draws from his own experiences. All said, we’ll let Yusuf and his art speak for itself.

What made you pursue art and study it?

Because when I study and create art, it makes my heart bloom, and my insides shine like a rainbow. It’s the same feeling as an Acid or LSD trip haha.

Who or what is your inspiration?

There’s too many artists that inspire me, for example Roy Lichtenstein, Banksy, Obey, Space Invaders, Cleon Peterson, etc. Also sub-culture, local youth, and youth behavior (love, sex, drugs)

You love to draw skating/surfing. Do you skate or surf?


Yes, I used to skate when I was younger, but now I don’t for some reason. Surfing? No, I can’t surf haha, maybe someday.

How are the vibes in Indonesia? To be honest we don't hear much from there. Can you tell us more about it?

Tremor! So many young artists and talents are coming out, especially in Yogyakarta, Middle of Java. It’s good vibes! This city is one of the most dynamic cities in Indonesia, sort of like Bali. Most of the young people here are illustrators, skaters, bmxers, and graffiti artists. I don’t give a fuck about the politics here though, too many problems. Last but not least, Indonesia is a tropical country, with many beaches. Lots of sun bathing! Haha

Any crazy stories you would like to tell us? haha or anything else you would like to share?

It’s a sad story, an Australian apparel line ripped off my artwork and used another illustrator (a bigger one) to trace it, then sell it. Wtf! It’s not about the money, I just want some respect. 
Other than that, I have a secret, which is that I can’t swim. I’ve been traumatized since childhood. I almost drowned in a river!