Ever just need to escape from the crowd for a bit? Take a nice walk in the park, maybe go surf, how about riding a beautiful Cb350 on the empty streets of Nashville. This cinematic video displays how serene and exciting a ride into town can be. It was filmed by Eric Doty, a producer who actually made it just to test out his new dolly but to us it looks like an intro to a stunning movie.

We were very curious about this project and so we reached out to JaoPro, a creative agency, got a hold of Eric Doty, and asked him a few questions about his video:

What was your inspiration to make this video?

I was trying to recreate a similar feeling to riding. How much more fun it is to go from point A to B than in a car. On a nice day or night, the long way is always more attractive.

Are you yourself a motorcycle enthusiast?

I guess I would consider myself an enthusiast. My friend Nathan, who's riding in the video, is where most of my time around motorcycles comes from. I have a few other hobbies, like filmmaking, that take up most of my time. I ride bmx and downhill bikes a lot but I don't get to spend near as much time as I would like riding motorcycle.

The scenario of the entire video is very unique and to the point. Is there any backstory to this this video?

I enjoy that different people can have their own interpretation to it, creating their own backstory. Its simply just an escape.

How was the whole process of making this video?

I wanted to have a long complicated shot to really set the scene and pull the viewer in. I feel like it's easier to imagine yourself as the main character that way. The first shot involved a hand off of the camera over the handrail to my brother, Nick. I ran around the fence to get in the back of a friends car so Nick could pass the camera back to me before we sped off. Nick went diving into a ditch just off scene left to avoid being in the background just as the motorcycle pulls out. Most of the other footage was fairly simple shooting out windows or hanging out the trunk.

Your effort at pulling viewers in with the firs sure did work. We actually had to stop a video a few times to just appreciate that first continuous shot.

The music is also on point! We were very excited about your song selection. Are you big fan of Tame Impala? And are there any other bands you would like to share with us?  We're always looking for new music!

I've been a big Tame Impala fan since Innerspeaker.  I enjoy bands that still put a lot of work into creating an LP. A few others I'm into are Kurt Vile, TV On The Radio, Washed Out, and a handful more. These are just the first that come to mind.

Is there anything else you would like to say about this video and your work?

Thanks for the interest. I'm glad that some people enjoy my work as much as I like creating it.