Justin Cheromiah of High Sunn  is a do-it-yourself guru. By age 16 he's managed to release a ton of material via bandcamp and have his music physically distributed throughout the world only by age of sixteen. His latest release is named I Will Never Learn is being released via Land Animal Tapes and you can pre-order it or listen to the first single off of it here. Full album will be out on July 11th!

Tell us a little about this latest release, the though process behind it, and what we can except from it. 
The new album "i will never learn" was recorded right after l uv songs for whiners in mid to late 2015. It was actually finished for a long time, but it took a while to search for a well fit home :) This is one of the most raw and unfiltered releases out to date and I believe that it is a great follow up album. You can expect a lot of melancholy lyrics, melodic guitars, a lot of screaming, emotional breakdowns, and sadness when you hear this album. It focuses a lot on rejection, heartbreak, loneliness, and mistakes that happened in the past. Mostly high school stuff ya know? Again I thank Tristin for doing the drums for this baby :)

We're digging the artwork behind it, how'd you come up with it and did you hand paint every tape yourself? 
 I asked a good friend of mine, Madge Yang to allow me to use one of her pieces to use in another album since she provided the cover for "her eyes". I really thinks a pretty and beautiful sight as well :) Actually, my buddy Aaris from Land Animal Tapes hand painted all of them!!!! I love him. Such a chill and rad dude.

When did you first start recording music and what was the initial transition into a full fledged DYI musician? 
I started recording music at the age 14 (16 currently). It was during my 8th grade year that I finally bought my first 8 track recorded which has been used to record and produce all my albums. I just wanted to constantly release music by myself and put it out there for everyone to listen to. I didn't care about it being polished or anything. It was my raw emotions and feelings at the time. I still write and record everything by myself(except the recent albums with Tristin on drums). It is really rewarding when you receive great criticism on someone that is truly your "own".

Being so young, you know a whole lot about getting your music out there and building a name for yourself, how'd pick up this skill? 
I honestly just picked it up by looking at other bandcamp musicians and some of my favorite artists. I try to keep the pricing super affordable and fair. In the beginning, I struggled with shipping since I charged only like a $1 for it. I learned from my mistakes and have kept everything balanced. I also had some help from some of my friends, in terms of pricing certain merchandise. 

Do people in your school know or listen to your music? 
Yes lol. A few do actually. Instead of hating, they actually dig and support it. A few of my fellow classmates have gone to some of my shows recently. I only know a couple who listen to it daily.

Do you believe DIY is the future of music? 
DYI music will always be present and key in the music industry. It is the best way to start off and finish off tbh. It's the most intimate and "real" thing you can actually make. Don't underestimate your abilities. :/ Just feel and listen...