Natural Instinct is the latest album by HIgh Sunn. High Sunn is the solo project of young bedroom pop guru, Justin Cheromiah who has been a roll with releasing singles, EP's, and full length's via his bandcamp. They've all been great and you can easily hear High Sunn come into its own throughout each release. Natural Instinct is the perfect start to the summer for Justin as it'll be the first album he'll be touring with. We're definitely gonna be keeping an eye on High Sunn as he'll continue to put out music throughout the summer. 

"Natural Instinct is the ninth full length album I have created and produced with the help of Tristin Sovannarath (drums and synth). It took the longest to write and record due to constant compositions being changed or thrown away. It took me a while to feel comfortable with the finished product. It definitely is the most diverse and fluid collection of songs I have created. Even though, I stuck with recording in my bedroom again, I was determined to have a more produced but natural feel to it. I couldn't have done this without the help of my great friend Tristin. He made the album more unique and "dance-able". I wanted these songs to make the listener feel emotionally connected and comfortable to "move" with it. The album reflects on my personal experiences with relationships, isolation, heartbreak, and loss in hope (pertaining to love). This is also the first album that I will be touring with! Tapes were pressed and created by Grabbing Clouds and Chud Records. Thank you so much to the ones who have supported me to this day." - Justin Cheromiah

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Here is one of our favorite tracks from his new album called Real: