Lord Youth’s EP is like a dreamy psychedelic adventure that at times will wake you up from the trip of sorrow that it slowly takes you through. The vocals are calm and soothing. The guitar is slow and filled with reverb, and tracks like “Blue Yodel #156” have parts that sounds like it belongs in a horror movie, yet it still manages to keep you calm and relaxed. Perhaps this EP may be meant to take you on an emotional ride? To have you slow dance, cry, and maybe laugh, all in just a night. Each song serves a purpose, as if it were perfectly woven together to create a seamless experience. Whether it makes you sad or happy, this album is true from beginning to end.

The certainty of this being just a concept album is a blur, but there is a common theme here. It may not be in the lyrics but in the music. In the echoes of Lord Youth, we can hear heartaches and gratitude. The EP almost serve as a reflection on life for what it truly is. Enjoy Lord Youth live at Frost Gallery, an interview with Micah, the lead singer and creator of Lord Youth, and finally a link to the EP.

Lord Youth live at Frost Gallery 

What were some highlighting factors that influenced the sound and style of the EP?

I would say that the biggest factor was the purchase of a Chilton Talentmaker Organ. I had helped to build an analog studio in Berlin with the EPs producer Anders Christophersen in the spring of 2014. He bought the Chilton that summer. It is an Italian knockoff of the Optigan, which is sort of an analog sampler that works with floppy 12 inch optical discs. We put it on a lot of the record. Also we installed a stained glass window in the studio, so everything was bathed in reds and greens and blues and made us feel that we were dreaming all the time.

It seems like the making of the album was really DIY, do you enjoy that sort of creative process?

Photo by Stephen Yang

Photo by Stephen Yang

I have always done it that way since I started with music. But this was a bit of an extreme example since we literally built the studio ourselves. I would say that the building of the studio (which is functioning today in Berlin and is a great place to record) was as much part of the process of recording as writing the songs.

Is there a story behind the name of the band?

I was always into old calypso music. All those guys had names like Lord Invader. I thought that looked cool. And Youth seems to be a commodity that we worship today above all else. It just came one day.

Would you say being in Berlin and away from home had a big impact on the EP? or did anything else influence that?

Gray Gardens is kind of about leaving New York. Memories about growing up there. And Berlin is dark and cold for a big chunk of the year, so I think that had an influence. But mostly I would say that the sound of the EP was mostly shaped by the sounds that we were interested in recording. And the pacing and tone that we thought was beautiful at that moment. Though I have to say we were laughing and joking around nearly the whole time we recorded, so it sounds much more morose than it was.

Is there a sort of DIY or independent community of musicians over in Berlin like there is in NYC?

Oh yeah. Maybe even more so because, for a variety of historical reasons, Berlin is very affordable for a metropole. I could pontificate on this ad nauseum, which I will spare you, but I got really lucky to get hooked up with a group of underground musicians, play writes and artists pretty early on there. They were a huge influence on me and a huge support system.

That sounds great, did you learn the language while out there?

Not as well as I should’ve. I can bullshit my way through a simple conversation but I can't talk about science or anything technical.

Do you plan to work on any other musical projects in the future? and do you plan on performing soon?

I want to do a new Lord Youth single by the end of the year. Then a full length. I have like 40 new songs ready to go. And I am going to be announcing some new Lord Youth shows in New York soon for July and August. I am also going to be producing a gospel single for Aaron Frazer who plays drums in Lord Youth. I have a little analog studio setup that I am always expanding, which is also mobile.



Lord Youth will be playing July 23rd at Alphaville in Brooklyn

Photo by Stephen Yang

Photo by Stephen Yang

Written by Victor Villa