Sit down and indulge the face-melting that is “A Weird Exits” by Thee Oh Sees. “A Weird Exits” is the follow up to 2015’s “Mutilator Defeated At Last” which is another beast of its own. This record seems to have the same spacey vibe from “Mutilator Defeated At Last.” It has its heavy hitters, with John Dwyer’s recognizable blaring guitars. “A Weird Exits” takes breaks from its madness and delivers beautiful and psychedelic tracks which are more suitable for a space adventure. Or more realistically, a long and hazy drug experience.

The opening track “Dead Man’s Gun” starts off with soft vocals that seem to be almost whispered, before you know it John Dwyer’s guitar ruptures and destroys any misconception that suggests that this track is mellow. Right after that comes the track “Ticklish Warrior” that sounds like their older track “Night Crawler” only this one is on cocaine. The two tracks before the closing one are lengthy instrumentals that remind of the weird and spacey. “The Axis” is a hypnotic and almost emotional track that finalizes the record.

John Dwyer now 41 years of age, seems to have no intentions of slowing down. Here’s to hoping that this musical weirdo genius continues to put out great records, and play unforgettable live shows. “A Weird Exits” is another great album from the never disappointing John Dwyer, and Thee Oh Sees. 

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Words by Victor Villa.