The 80's are back, baby. The Lemon Twigs are a rising rock n roll duo from Long Island consisting of young brothers Michael and Brian D’Addario, who are 17 and 19 years old. The Lemon Twigs put on great live shows and dress the part as well. Their debut album 'Do Hollywood' just dropped yesterday (October 14th) via 4AD though they did self-release actual debut 'What We Know' in 2014, but since it's been wiped from the internet except here, we're guessing the band wants to rid of it and name this its debut instead. Anyway, we love both. Especially this latest one. It's a great and easy listen for anyone who's a lover of nostalgic rock 'n' roll with a contemporary kick. Also, the album was produced by Jonathan Rado (Foxygen) and recorded in his front room which really gives off a vibe of it being one long demo. 

Here's a fun fact, their latest music video for "As Long As We're Together" actually premiered via legend, Elton John's twitter. Here's what he said:

"First, I listened to the song 100 times... as I do, eyes closed.... except when driving. I kept ending up in an empty golden landscape. I'm obsessed with the space-age future once described by the past... now lost and forgotten. I talked to production designers, Adam Siegel and Tina Pappas about creating a colorful apocalyptic barren universe. They came back to me with this amazing car. It was the car that Catwoman fake-kidnapped the Joker in on Batman the TV show AND Captain Kirk's hotrod on Star Trek. Shirley Kurata dug for colors and textures to compliment the car and found this amazing vintage pink satin wings jacket. Vanessa Price jumped in the van with us and brought all her favorite dusty desert makeup. The Lemon Twigs are unbelievable live.... so I knew I wanted to do a performance video, but still place them in an electric surreal dream world. The wind picked up and howled through us. The car wouldn't start. My bare-bones camera department was DP Matt Lloyd, producer Saul Germaine, two shitty folding chairs, me and a camera. The dust and wind became a monster we were battling all day, but we all had a blast.... and damn it looked good." 


Below are the two main singles + music videos from the album which we suggest you checking out first. After you've been hooked, you can go stream the album basically anywhere or buy it here.

"As Long As We're Together" Music Video

"These Words" Music Video