It's always been a fantasy of ours to leave everything behind, pack some camping gear, get on some old Japanese bikes, and ride across the states. Dikka Afidick has lived that fantasy. 

Dikka is an Indonesian photographer, graphic designer, adventurer, and classic motorcycle enthusiast. Last year, Dikka and his buddies embarked on a motorcycle journey across the western plains. Ever since, Dikka and his friends have founded a new project under the name of Ayo Travel which is scheduled to launch in the summer of 2016.

Fortunately , we had a chance to talk to Dikka and ask him a few questions concerning motorcycles, adventure, and Ayo Travel. 

Photography by Franciscus Lanudjaja & Jeremiah Probodanu
Words by Dikka Afidick. 

1. Where are you guys from and how did you meet?

We are from Indonesia and met here in Los Angeles, California. It all started from just hanging out occasionally and shared the same interests and ideas in classic motorcycles, outdoor adventure and photography. Later on, more friends joined in and put their excitements and expertise into creating a project based on our road trip.

2. What initially caught your interest to vintage motorcycles? What were your first bikes?

We've put a lot of respect into vintage motorcycles because they're not only head turners when we're riding them, but it also feels great to actually ride and maintain machines that are older than us. As long as we put some love and care into them, the motorcycles will take care of us.

We also ride here in California so it's the perfect place to ride, not only is it legal to split lanes to bypass bad traffic, but the weather is also perfect year around, it rarely rains, there's beautiful scenic routes and great motorcycle communities.

My first and current bike is a 1977 Yamaha XS360

My buddy Adrian, his first ride was a 1976 Honda CB125, and currently riding a 1980 Honda CB650 Nighthawk &1980 Harley Davidson Sportster.


3. Can you tell us a little about the road trip you guys took? Where did you go? How long did it take?

Our purpose for taking the road trip was to have exciting stories to tell others, we wanted to step out from our comfort zones and flush the stress out of our systems, so when we return home we'd have a better understanding of life and appreciation to ourselves and others.

We went north from California to Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and back. The trip took us 14 days to complete. That’s about 2700 miles (4345 km)

4. What inspired you guys to get your buddies together and hit the road?

National Geographic had really opened our eyes to want to see the beautiful side of this world. After that we wanted to experience it in person. I have to say, it is far more beautiful to see it in person.

5. Did you guys have to put anything on hold for the trip?

We had to put a lot of things on hold while we travel such as our jobs, family, financial, etc. We really decided to go because we knew it’d be worth it, so we hit the road and started to see life as an adventurous journey and hoped that the feeling would stay with us when we returned to our daily routines.


6. What was your favorite part of the trip? Any cool/crazy stories?

I had mild hypothermia caused by riding for 3 hours in a cold stormy night (38F degrees) with limited visibility from Montana to Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. I quickly recovered thanks to my buddies!

We also witnessed an unusually large moon rising slowly coming out from the horizon somewhere in the Nevada Desert. Something we’ve never seen before. Majestic!

7. There isn't much info you can find on Ayo Travel? Can you guys tell us what the project is all about?

We are working on our adventure content including videos and photos for our website ( and our other social channels. Hopefully for those who put their passion and interest into motorcycles, camping and outdoor adventure, will truly love it.

We will also be providing documented & guided motorcycle road trip packages to national parks in USA.

Ayo Travel is scheduled to launch this summer! 

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