BBW. Some of you know Ben from Baby’s, some from his garage-blues duo, Winstons, some from VA, some from just that big smile he crowned the city of New York with for the last few years. In a period of his own metamorphosis, and that of the world’s, Ben went upstate two months ago, grabbed a one room cabin with a fireplace, a rascal tape cassette machine, his drums, and spent two weeks in solitude. To write and to finish and to express. It takes a certain pure determination. 

Today we’re premiering “patience” from these sessions. What transpired: something far more beautiful and honest than imagined—a mirror to his austere surroundings.

The track lets in like dust on a wood floor, and he croons in a whisper ~ patience won’t let me in. Patience is my only friend ~

This little jewel-box of a tune lets us absorb the peace of watching its slow, easy mechanism—for just a moment—and to look back up and again see the world for what it really is: open and big.

The song’s understated passion, wavy lyricism, strewn with agitated, dreamy guitar riffs, melds into zen-like vibration. It wanders and swirls and reverberates—succeeding to paint this ethereal cabin he describes, and the nature fever he was engrossed in.

oh, and he whistles.

Words by Brian Merrill