Local NY skater and master keyboard player recently released his first full length; Wig On The Tracks. Billy Mcfeely has been experimenting with music early on, in the years when he first moved to nyc, creating instrumentals for skate parts by companies like Cons. Now, Billy has decided to add lyrics to his music in a very creative and unheard-of way: taking random passages from books and turning them into lyrics. We'll let him explain the rest.

Wig on the tracks is dedicated to a lonesome wig whose home for the last year or so has been the tracks of the Kosciusko stop off the J train.  The lyrics are primarily just random passages from books because Iā€™m usually too tired to think of my own. I just read for a while until I think of a melody. The vocals are all recorded through my phone and everything else occurs through my keyboard.

- Billy 

The track above is only one of many we found ourselves listening over and over. Its really just an introduction by us, to the story that is Wig On The Tracks. The entire album can be listened to below and downloaded at your own price, including for free on bandcamp, but please support your local skaters!