By Ed Templeton

Skateboarding has always been seen as a sub-culture, as a form of art/expression, and as a form of inspiration. One the best things about skateboarding is its insane diversity. Skateboarding brings together all types of personalities, all races, and all ages. As skateboarders, we've always been ahead of the curve in art/fashion, and amongst other things. 

In yesterday's documentary that was produced by Vice and directed by Giovanni Reda, Brian Anderson publicly and openly announced that he was gay. Surprisingly sexuality has never been something that really is discussed amongst skateboarders, which is what makes this news such a huge deal. For the first time ever, young skateboarders can look up to a gay professional skateboarder and realize that it doesn't matter and that it doesn't change anything. It's an amazing thing to celebrate, maybe a tad bit too late, but nonetheless, it's great. 

Huge props to Brian Anderson for finding comfort and happiness in being an openly gay professional skateboarder. We highly recommend watching the documentary below!