When we first started Buried Muse, we always toyed around with the idea of hosting our own show. We'd always come up with the perfect line-up and the perfect venue to hold it in. As time went on, we started meeting a ton of wonderful people who were as passionate and involved in the music scene as us. Through that, the idea of hosting our own show started becoming more and more accessible.

Being that we'd never done this before, it took a lot of time, a lot of stress, and a lot of planning. We learned a ton, and now have a newfound appreciation for people who make these shows happen. Finally, we ended up getting a spot at our favorite local venue, Baby's All Right, for a Friday night on May 27th. Not only that, but we had one hell of a line-up: Current Joys, Beechwood, Surf Rock is Dead, & Surf Curse.

Current Joys started out the night with a very intimate set, then Beechwood came on and gave everyone a taste of punk/rock 'n' roll, boiling up the room for the closing bands. After, Surf Rock is Dead had everyone dancing with their dreamy shoegaze sound, Surf Curse finally ended the night with an amazing set which involved involuntary crowd surfing. It could not be prevented!

We were amazed at how well it turned out. We had a packed house, a beautiful crowd, and a ton of energy. A huge thanks to everyone who came out, the bands that played, and to Baby's All Right for allowing it to be 18+ because without the younger crowd it wouldn't have been so energetic. Here is just a glimpse of all the shit that went down. Enjoy.