Ron Gallo is a rock and roll trio led by tall, handsome singer-songwriter with the same name. Ron Gallo (ex Toy Soldiers) has his second full-length named Heavy Meta coming soon, but you can get sneak peak of it by listening to the sample EP named RG3 here. 

We first got introduced to Ron Gallo a few months back at one of our favorite local venues. Within the first guitar riff, we were hooked. He'd run all over on and off stage while still playing his guitar and never messing up a single chord. He also likes to make sure his audience is engaged. At one point in the night, he started talking real serious which made everyone stop having their conversations and looking at their phones. "We're so close to having a moment," he said, "but we're never gonna get it.". Once everyone's attention was to Ron's, "I think we're finally having it" he said. For the rest of the night, the crowd went wild as Ron and his band played. 

To think of it, Ron is sort of a Rock and Roll angel that's been sent down by those before him, to wake everybody up. He's always talking about how we're not really free, and how people are the problems with a lot of things these days. He's here to wake everybody up and make the world a better place using his music as a weapon! I think we figured it out! Ron's a superhero. 

Nonetheless, we really love Rock and Roll, and whenever we find an artist that does it right, we jump right on the wagon. After meeting him we made sure to invite him over for an interview. A month or two later, we finally did it. Here's what we talked about.