Elan Noon is the brainchild of musician/artist Keenan Mittag-Degala, who also plays percussion in Jons. From Victoria, British Columbia, Elan Noon makes some incredible mellow, jazzy pop. As Kennan mentions himself, his music is meant to be " listented to in a consumbale, digestible way" and we couldn't agree more. He also creates some incredible artwork that we're more than happy to showcase. 

Check out his music, artwork, and a brief introductory interview we did with Keenan below: 

Is Elan Noon a solo project?

Yes, it is meant to be my performance identity apart from day to day life. although I plan on having people get involved with the project here and there like in this recent record. 

I often hear artists that start solo projects say that they love doing their own thing time to time so they get a chance to express themselves fully. What does Elan Noon mean to you?


Yeah after being in a few different bands this is me finally just doing my own thing "Elan" is my middle name, which to my understanding is synonymous with "pizzazz". And "Noon" is half of my last name translated from German- "Mittag". So I have my parents to thank for my stage name lol

Dope! We really dig the name. It's very different. How would you describe the genre you play?

Glad to hear, I would definitely call it some form of pop. it's meant to be listened to in a consumable, digestible way. I think this new record has heavy folk and jazz characteristics, but I hope to never stick to one thing.

I can definitely hear the jazz in there. I feel you on not sticking to one thing. Repetitiveness gets tiresome. You have to switch up or you end up getting bored. 


Do you live in Canada?

Yes, I've lived in Victoria, BC for the past few years. But I'm originally from Danville, CA.


That's awesome! I visited Victoria a few years ago. It's a very romantic city. Why did you decide to move from to Canada?

Oh, that's sweet! Yeah, it can be in its own way. I basically followed my mom here when she came up to look after my Nana (who lived here). She suggested I go to school in Victoria and that's what ended up happening. It's been amazing.

Sounds awesome! You should come out here to New York! Did moving to Canada affect your music in any way? 


I would love to! Got some friends I'd love to see over there too. It has in multiple ways. I've been studying classical music and jazz here, which has been both painful and empowering. Doing that has stamped a lot of concepts into me that is super useful. It was also in Canada that I first joined regularly gigging bands. My friends and bandmates here have shaped my musical palette a lot, be it what I listen to or what I look for in my own sound. Also, the subtle shift in culture certainly impacted me. I can't say exactly how it affected the sound per se, but it was a large personal experience nevertheless.

I could imagine. Different places, different inspirations, and influences can definitely change you in some way or another. Do you have have any advice for bands that are just starting out? Is there anything that helps you get exposure? 

Get to know your local art & music community. The people behind your local radio station, local venues, bars, DIY spaces, galleries. Go to shows, go to art openings, talk to people, collaborate, tour, apply to festivals, don't overplay where you live, and as cliche as it is open to new opportunities.

Well said, and is there anything else you would like to share with people reading this? 

Keep clear. We live in absurd, convoluted times. Exercise kindness, empathy, patience. Don't be ashamed of enjoying life, but know the cards you dealt. Attentively listen to everything, especially other people. Keep it real!


Listen to "Could it Be" below: