Forth Wanderers is a five piece band from Montclair, New Jersey. The band began when guitarist Ben Gutrel reached out to his crush, Ava Trilling, in high school by sending her a demo, with previous knowledge of her being a vocalist. A while later, she sent back the demo with vocal tracks and thus the Forth Wanderers was born. Joining Ava Trilling and Ben Gutrel are Duke Greene (guitarist), Noah Schifrin (bassist), and Zach Lorelli (drummer).

"Slop" is the title track from their forthcoming EP due to release on November 11th of this year.

This song is a full on story of heartache and despair, complete with a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning recalls how much this person loves their partner, and that is fully realized through the lyric "I breathe through your lungs". Living without true love is seemingly impossible. The middle is not understanding how something so benevolent like love can hurt more than anything. Ava mourns out the lyrics "I hurt too much to feel this bad", reiterating that the ghosts of past love can continuously affect our being and livelihood. Towards the end of the song, it's almost as if she's trying to convince herself that it's all okay even though she hurts so badly. At the end, there is continuous longing for this type of true love, with fantasies that a better love will come. This whole story is complimented with top-notch guitar distortion and twang, along with very dreamy and almost shaky drums, uncertain of what the future will hold for love.

Just in time for the spooky season of Halloween comes this haunting love song. Here is our buried track for the day, Forth Wanderer's "Slop".

Words by Jesha Tichenor. 
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