If you're looking for a new band to meet your psychedelic pop and heavy rock dreams, look no further than Chicago-based band Post Animal. Post Animal consists of six members, Dalton Allison, Jake Hirshland, Joe Keery, Javi Reyes, Wesley Toledo, and Matt Williams. Originally, three of the members, Jake, Dalton, and Matt, met through mutual friends. They began to hang out just playing together and naturally lead to the beginning of the band.

For about a year, it was just the three of them. Over the timespan of another year, Post Animal added Wes, Joe, and Javi to the band. Now all six of the members live together in Chicago. After playing many shows in Chicago and in the surrounding mid-west, the band's popularity began to increase. This popularity came along with some help of the adoration and fandom the television show "Stranger Things" was receiving, since band member, Joe Keery, plays teen-heartthrob Steve Harrington on the beloved show.

Check out today's Buried Track "Lonely Jones" by Post Animal. The happy-go-lucky sounding sad song to brighten a dark and lonely day. This song brings in several different psychedelic guitar levels, clear and catchy vocals, and poignant drums and sounds to create the perfect afternoon tune. 

- Words by Jesha Tichenor


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