We introduced Slow Pulp to our listeners this past July with "Killing Time", a song off their first EP that came out in June 2015. After seeing how much it was enjoyed, we wanted to give you more. We're excited to announce that Slow Pulp's second EP will be coming out this December. Today, we are premiering the first single titled "Die Alone" off the upcoming EP.

Slow Pulp is a four piece band split between Madison, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Alex Leeds, Teddy Matthews, and Henry Stoehr are the founding members of the band, but recently added Emily Massey, of Melkweed and Modern Mod, to the band. On this track, you predominately hear her singing. Since the band is usually far apart, the band functions by working on ideas separately, and then bringing them together when they practice where it becomes something wonderful. The new EP has been written over the past year, with some new sounds and features you haven't heard from them before. Many themes within this single represent the rest of the EP, such as hopeless romanticism and feelings of being romantically incompatible. Now, here's the premiere of Slow Pulp's new single, "Die Alone".

Words by Jesha Tichenor.
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