Emma - BS Smith 

Emma - BS Smith 

Watch as renowned filmmaker Philip Evans highlights skateboarder, Emma Lindgren, from Malmo, Sweden. The video, beautifully edited and filmed, almost commemorates Emma for her feats in the skate community. Like all other female skateboarders, Emma has had to deal with much criticism and blatant sexism. It's sad that even today female skateboarders have to be even categorized as such. Skateboarders like Emma are one of many who are breaking barriers and changing a primitive and misogynistic way of thinking. We're glad to see how the culture has been changing, and that skateboarders like Emma are getting their spotlight.

Who's Emma and how did you two cross paths?
Emma and I met the same way I meet most skaters in Malmö - just by going skating. 

For you, what was the message behind the film?

The film actually started as a documentary project but for one reason or another it wasn't working out so I decided to experiment with mixing the candid documentary stuff with the skate stuff to give a portrait of Emma while also showing her skills on a plank. Then my friend James Hensby added a nice layer with his graphic identity ideas and it all felt a lot more complete and natural.

Phillip Evans has been previously featured here on the website for his innovative and level filming. We highly recommend checking out his previous projects and following him on IG for updates.