Walk NYC is a weekly photo/video series by Derek Beck in which he explores various neighborhoods in NYC and presents it through film photography. He takes a unique approach by capturing the sound of his surroundings as he shoots which brings a new level of intimacy for the viewer and makes the whole experience of viewing a photograph even more pleasing that it already is. Did we mention he even links every video with a map in which you could trace his footsteps?

We got the chance to get a few words from Derek regarding his process, shooting film, and playing tourist in a home city:

"My goal is to shoot one roll of film in a different neighborhood each week. Along with each photo, I will include accompanying audio from the place where the photo was taken and a few sound bites of passing city life.

All of the photos are raw and unedited. Originally, I toyed with the idea of tweaking some of the photos, but ultimately decided against it. What you are seeing is the original scan, unaltered. This means that a lot of the photos are imperfect in their own way. Some rolls will be better than others, and that's completely ok. I want to document a continuous and active learning of the art of photography on film.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to take photography for granted. You can capture your entire life experience on your camera phone at any given moment and instantly share it with the world. Shooting with film really makes you stop and think about where you’re pointing your lens. For me, the process has turned into a small ritual. It's a weekly time-capsule of captured light. Every time I develop a roll, I'm completely surprised by what I get back, good or bad.

Walk_nyc is really an excuse to play tourist in a city that I’ve started to take for granted. After five years of living and working here, I’ve grown accustom to the fast pace and chaotic nature of the streets and avenues. It’s been refreshing to step outside of my routine and allow myself to explore New York City all over again."

Here are the two latest installments to walk_nyc: