"Get Lost" Music Video

We're always excitedly waiting for a new album to come out from our one of our favorite artists.  One of the albums we've been waiting for a while is from our good buddy Max Gardener. His latest amazing gem packed album is called "Memory Lounge" and it defines why he is one of our favorite obscure artists right now.  The dude is so young and talented. We're very proud and honored to have one of Max's new songs featured on Buried Muse. We also got a chance to talk to Max about the album and how he got into making his tasteful music. We can't wait to hear more from Max in the future but for now enjoy his story and the new album!

"I grew up in a house where music was always on, it didn’t really matter what genre it was. My Dad had and still has a big influence on me. He’s been in the punk band called Channel 3 since the early 80’s and I grew up going to their shows and listening to their music. He always showed me music and taught me how to play guitar so I thank him for that. I started getting crazy about music around junior year of high school and started recording right before senior year. I just started recording and eventually learned how to mix and record as the process went on, as everyone seems to do if they do it long enough. I just started picking up instruments and managed to figure out how to play them, I’m not really sure how but it just worked that way. Through the first half of senior year I recorded my first album Fear of Mirrors by myself and then throughout the second semester and that summer after I wrote and recorded Memory Lounge on my own as well. I had my friend Shane who has a project called Bane’s World throw some vocals on some of the tracks on Memory Lounge which I think added a cool sound. For now, I’m constantly writing new material on my own and am very excited for what is coming. Maybe in the future I’ll work alongside someone, but for now it looks like people will be hearing Max Gardener for a while.

Memory Lounge was really written in a time of high anxiety and heavy nostalgia, but I was excited too! Senior year of high school I started to realize that things were getting ready to take off, for better or for worse, so I wanted to make the best of it. Life starts really hitting you in your last semester of high school and I was constantly writing and trying to capture the songs in a way that would make me remember those feelings when I get older. Memory Lounge is my first themed album and I did my best to try and make it feel like a “start-to-finish” kind of album, maybe having a story or a world that people can get into. I like the idea of being able to take someone out of their environment through music, it seems like that kind of connection to music makes it really special, so that’s what I was trying to create with Memory Lounge. Who knows? Maybe it worked, maybe it didn’t. Either way, I’ve got more up my sleeve."