You might recognize Hayato's work through the album cover art of the infamous shoegaze band DIIV. In fact, that's how we learned about Hayato Kiyuna; curiousness and a little research lead us to the playful and musically appreciative artist. Based out of Kanagawa Japan, Hayato exhibits his pieces in the Tokyo gallery, Wis-hless.

His work might be controversial to some, begging questions about his art's value and merit. Well, that is why we appreciate his work further. Hayato is an artist who portrays beauty in expression. We should also mention that Hayato was unable to answer our questions by himself, yet he and the staff of wish-less gallery were kind enough to work together and translate our questions for him. Anyways, enjoy!

I know some people would question your artwork and the value behind it. How do you respond to these types of critiques?
It’s very difficult to say why I paint, but I think this is one reason I do it because I want to answer that question! And I know there is value for me behind making art. The general public’s opinion regarding the value of art differs greatly.   That interests me. 

What's the process behind each piece? Do you go from idea to painting? or painting to an idea?
I do both. But I usually paint to an idea more than from an idea to a painting.

How often do you paint and do you find yourself practicing often?
I paint every day for as long as I can do.

How did you decide you will make painting a serious part of your life?
I have never thought about that. Painting is natural for me.

Do you experiment outside of the canvas and brush?
I have produced some zines and I am currently working in graphic design.

Who or what is your inspiration to art?
Traditional art, manga, TV shows and magazines, all mixed up.
Also, my children inspire me.

Is there anything else you would like to share with readers and viewers?
Painting isn’t so difficult for everyone. So please make art!
Commissions happily accepted!