New Zealand photographer Imogen Wilson and Illegal Civilization present a new photo series of local kids in New Zealand wearing the brand. 

"We first saw her work on instagram. She used to just buy our clothes and post random photos and videos wearing them. We looked into her photography and fell in love.

We sent her some clothes and just waited to see what she’d do with them. We were ecstatic when she sent these back. If your talented and have a work ethic we’ll give you a chance to showcase your work. " - Mike Alfred (read full interview here.)

Here are a few of our favorite shots from the series, you can view all of them on the Illegal Civ site here.

If you haven't yet heard of Illegal Civ, they're a clothing brand started by skater and filmmaker Mike Alfred, which simply just started with videos of Mike's friends skating the streets of L.A. Now they're doing pretty great, they even have a short film for the brand, it's pretty nuts.