A while back we came across an incredible film showcasing a skater with one of the most laid-back styles we’ve seen. While we enjoyed the skating over and over, the filmer complimented the skater incredibly well. So much in fact that we decided to get in contact with him and learn more about these projects. To be honest we had never heard of the skater and filmer, so we were very eager to learn more about his work and this skate scene.

Phillip Evans, the mastermind behind these projects got back to us and gave us some insight to his work, ideas, and preferences.

Where are you based? And where do most of your videos take place?

I'm based in Malmö, southern Sweden, but I'm actually from Ireland. Most of my vids take place in Malmö nowadays, but also Copenhagen and sometimes in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, it depends on the project.

Going through your vimeo account I noticed you have an interest in capturing skateboarding through film. Why film and not any other formats like digital video?

I love both formats but I definitely prefer the aesthetics of film. If I could shoot on film more I would but it's quite expensive - I rarely get the look I want from digital.  But then digital has its obvious advantages of being cheap, quick and immediately correctable, so you learn more by using both formats, plus it keeps it refreshing switching between the two.  But I do love that film actually exists and places limitations on your shooting, you definitely concentrate on your composition more when its film as you know you only have a limited amount in the camera, so it makes you more choosey and maybe a little more patient.


What exactly is the Lightbox film project and the format perspective? We were very entertained watching some of those videos. Especially Rabia. The skater had such great style. Who is he?

Format Perspective was a documentary I did about 6 different skate photographers that were supported by Carhartt. They all had a different style approach to the craft so it was nice to see how they tackled the same subject.

Lightbox was a series of films I did with Levi's where I basically was able to make a bunch of different short films. I had a lot of ideas in the back of my head for a while about edits I wanted to do and "Rabia" was one of them.  The concept was just to shoot at the 'golden hour' in some empty parks with nice lighting, composition and audio to try and make something with a special feeling.  The skater is Daniel Rabia, a really nice kid who skates in Malmö..rad style!

Are you working on any new skate projects? Or any film projects in general? We really enjoyed your work!

Thanks! I've quite a few new projects I'm working on at the moment. I get bored doing the same thing twice and I've a lot to learn so I try use every new project as a way of learning something new about films.  So I've a few documentary projects coming, some experimental and some animation things in the work.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us about your work or in general? Maybe some advice to fellow filmers, inspirations, thoughts of the day haha anything really!

Emmmm.. I'm really grateful that I get to work with my buddy Gibbo, he makes most of the music I use and he really knows his stuff.  Because we know each other so well I don't have to explain what I need from him too much either, he usually gets it pretty quickly!

Actually, working with anyone on the same wavelength is usually quite a treat as you're both trying to make the project as good as possible, like with my mate Mike O' Shea who I worked with along with Gibbo on Lightbox: Grey.

For advice I would say the best thing I've learned is to keep learning, and not make that boring I just use every new project as an opportunity to try something new, so by default I'll learn something new each time, whether that's technical knowledge, composition, narrative, sound design or whatever works for me anyway!

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