Recently we discovered Prisma Guitars and owner Nick Pourfard, in our opinion,  the creator of the most innovative and artistic guitars money can buy. Why? Because Nick Pourfard carefully selects a collection of used skateboards and attentively creates a guitar out of them! Yeah, a guitar! A beautiful and well crafted guitar! Utilizing and incorporating two of the most expressive mediums in this world is something that we will admire all throughout!  Thanks Nick!

After watching this video and falling in love with Prisma Guitars, we felt like we needed to let more people know about this awesome project. We also had a few questions and wanted to get to know the man behind Prisma. So, here they are.

We can only imagine the excitement when you made your first guitar out of old decks? How did that go?

I was about 18 when I built the first skate guitar and remember convincing myself that if it didn't work that it wasn't a big deal and I should just have fun with it.

Once I cut out the body, i realized this was a thing! Then I cut out another before the first one was finished.

Where did the idea of making guitars out of skateboards come from?

I wanted to build a guitar I couldn't buy or find in stores. If I was to spend so much time, money, and effort I wanted to be sure that this guitar would mean a lot to me. I passed by some skateboards me and my brother had collected and I knew I had to try!

On the site we noticed Prisma will be releasing a series called 'Burnout', sounds really interesting. Can you tell us the story behind it?

The old Lurkville and Union Leatherworks distribution burned down years ago. They had saved all of the burned inventory. Unable to sell it, I asked them if I could give it life again as a guitar.

They are charred black but there is still color within the boards! Can't wait to pump those out.

We've always heard a good guitar ages like wine. Does the same apply for a guitar made out of decks?

Ha! Yea, I would assume so. I recently saw one of the older guitars we have sold for the first time. It was worn so cool. Exactly how I would have wanted.

Can't wait to see them years from now and see the real age effect them.

What's the process behind making each guitar and are they all made by you?

We are degripping boards non stop. Then we just have to glue them up and work the material until we get a guitar. Many hours go into each instrument. Quality is very important to us.

All guitars are built by me, but I do have a shopmate and a guitar tech that have a hand in all the creating too.

On Instagram we noticed you will be making 8 new guitars out off a piece of mahogany. Is this a special run?

Nope! We always combine mahogany with skateboards. Just a different aesthetic. It is actually a more traditional build. For example a Les Paul is constructed the same way. Maple top mahogany back.

That photo was just us getting excited about  a really great find for the day.

We also noticed some guitars are made from decks skated by specific pros. Can you tell us more about that? And where does the regular supply of skateboards come from?

We will be building guitars out of only boards that have been ridden by professional skateboarders. It'll just be that much cooler to know where they came from and the abuse they have taken.

Normally we get boards from skaters, skate shops, distributions, and fellow board recyclers.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us? Any upcoming projects?

Look out for a new video series called shop sessions! It is going to be an awesome example of how our guitars sound played by professional musicians.