Ah, social media can really be something beautiful sometimes. Especially when you come across an account like Carter Asmann's. Asmann is from San Diego, California and dabbles in mixed media and design like illustration, painting, and photography. What really grasped our attention was his ongoing series of vintage motorcycles and cars. We reached out and got the chance to pick  his brain about a few things, here's how it turned out.

Could you introduce yourself? 
Hey there, I am Carter Asmann and I am a designer and artist from San Diego, Calif. 


Is drawing something that's always been in your life? 
Drawing is definitely something that I always radiated towards and it has been the foundation of all of my creative pursuits. When I was much younger, I was interested in woodworking and 3D art forms. But, even when working with those mediums, everything began with a drawing. Over time, my focus has shifted towards developing my skills and ways of working with 2D art forms: Paintings, Printmaking, and Drawing.

If so, what are some things that your younger self would draw?
Furniture, Architecture, and other built objects. I have always been intrigued by the constructed landscape and I used drawing as a way to study objects.

Your subject is almost always vintage motorcycles and cars. What is it about them that makes them so desirable to draw?
Aside from the compelling cultures that surround the vintage car/motorcycle scenes, I am also fascinated my the intricacy and the mechanics of motors. Choosing to draw these subjects allows me to spend intimate time with these forms and I find them complimentary to my analytical approach to illustration. 

 Do you always draw while drinking your coffee?
Yes, nearly always. My favorite times to work are early morning or late at night. These are the times that Im able to focus best and remove myself from all distractions. However, working at these hours often requires a consistent supply of caffeine, haha.

How did the idea of implementing coffee into your drawings come about?
In a way, I began by accident. While drawing in a sketchbook, I spilled some coffee and left a coffee ring stain on the page. Rather than seeing the spill as a fault, I embraced it and incorporated it into the sketch. This was somewhat of an "aha moment" when I realize the interesting nature of pairing such an organic and foreign mark with a detailed and refined illustration. With that concept in mind, I have spend the past year or so developing the series. Working with different subjects, compositions, and drawing styles to craft a concise collection of drawings. During the process, they have taken on a life of their own and acquire the title "Coffee Ring Drawings". 

You also partake in film photography, does that seem to go hand in hand with drawing or is it a completely different feeling for you?
I have always used photography, particularly film photography, as a way to catalog my travels and found sources of inspiration. I enjoy the process of film photography because it helps me slow down while traveling and I find that I am more aware of my surroundings as I'm far more careful and deliberate with what I capture. I view my photography as a tool and one step in my overall creative process. 

So, what's next for Carter ?
I have new series in the works. Some that introduce different medias, non-traditional work surfaces, and exploring other approaches to drawing and mark marking.
Oh and more oil paintings! I definitely plan to make more oil paintings. 

Where can we buy your artwork? 
I have a print shop on my website,, with an assortment of prints from my Coffee Ring Drawing series.
And then I periodically have art shows where I often have original pieces available.  

Thanks for doing this!
Thank you for the opportunity and support!

Keep up with Carter Asmann:
Instagram: @cartercartier