Laura Lynn Patrick is a photographer and film maker based out of Toronto, Canada. Capturing this eras upcoming artists while growing along side them; Laura has gained a solid portfolio filled with many greats and future legends. The list is vast! But, her best trait, is the quality and passion that is projected across each photograph. Every subject from every portrait is calm, happy, and acting as their normal, natural self. This is something very valuable. As each of these artists grow with popularity and fandom, more and more young followers will wish to know about their heroes and role models. This is what Laura gives to everybody; a window to our favorites. An opportunity to feel closer. 


Fortunately, Laura was kind enough to take some time out of her schedule and do an interview with us. To make the best out of this interview we wanted to make sure we could have an actual conversation, and since at the moment we're countries apart, we did our best and had an excellent chat over Facebook messenger. Enjoy!

So first, thank you for doing this! We really appreciate you taking your time out!

My pleasure. I'm happy to do it. :)

Great! So, first thing that jumps right at me when looking at your photography is how natural everybody is. Like as if for that exact moment you bring the best out of them. How are you able to get your subjects in this mood?

Aw, that's really sweet. I guess I would say most of my subjects are my loved ones, close friends or family, so there's this comfortableness between us. I always have my camera with me. Sometimes I do crack a joke before shooting the picture, or goof around, but most times I just catch my subjects being perfectly human, naturally.

I just try to ensure my subjects are comfortable. Keep it really chill.
Almost like a spy.

Haha That's not very easy to do. I think you self described it once as non-intrusive? Maybe I'm making that up? But I think it's very accurate! Like a spy.

Haha yeah, exactly, I am non-intrusive. I don't put my camera in front of someone unless it is welcomed. I would never want to make someone feel uncomfortable.

I think that's awesome because I know some of the people you shoot are constantly being bombarded with flash.

Yeah, that must be a bit much for them sometimes. I don't use a flash, so half the time you don't know when I'm taking a picture. That keeps things pretty candid.

Speaking of the people you shoot. You mentioned they're your close friends and family. That's quite an arsenal for a friends list haha How did you first start taking pictures of people like Juan Wauters and Jordan Corso?

Jordan Corso

Jordan Corso

Juan and I became friends, sort of instantly, the day we met. There was some kind of special bond there. He's a really genuine soul and I could tell. We met through being in music.
The friendship is to this day and continues to blossom. He's a dear friend.

Wow! The way you describe him is almost exactly how he appears in your photographs.
Laura-Lynn Petrick

Aw, that is so nice to hear. I hope so. He's even more vibrant in real life, as we know.

Jordan and I met while I was on tour with Quilt. He opened a few of their shows. Really nice guy. He knows what's up. Later that year, he hired me to do some videos for him, and he's invited me on a couple tours, which really brought us together. He's a close friend, and very supportive of my work. He gives me great advice.

Juan Wauters

Juan Wauters

I've met Jordan and he certainly is an awesome guy.

Another genuine one right there.

Many of these artists are from NYC, and I know they're all interconnected and or friends. Are you based here in New York too? Quilt is awesome by the way!

Yeah,  many great artists in New York. I try to do a good long visit to New York every season. But I have my homebase in Toronto. I am often traveling on a monthly basis to NY or LA.

And you're originally from Canada right? I'm actually visiting Toronto for the first time. Anything you recommend to while out there, especially in the music scene?

Yes, I'm from just outside of Thunder Bay, I'm here right now, set up my "office" on my dock, looking out at the lake I grew up on.

There's lot of good shows always happening. We have some nice old venues, historical places, where some sweet shows happen. We have a variety of different genres happening too, I have some favourite bands from here Sahara, Sunshine and the Blue Moon, Elsa, to name a few.

Out of the music scene, I like to hang out down by the lake, drink wine in the park, or just bicycle around the city.

Definitely will check the bands out! Toronto and Canada, in general, look beautiful!

You should! I hope I can show you around.

That would be awesome! Do you remember the day you decided photography and videography will be what you will devote yourself to?

Hmmm, I kind of always had a deep-down feeling that's what I would do.
I am constantly reading people I admire's autobiographies, and the gist of most of them is just to truly focus yourself on your craft, study through and through, practice, keep pushing yourself, and believe in yourself. I inherited this sort of wisdom over the last 4 years.
So that's what I'm doing. I'm really hard on myself though so I am never really meeting my expectations. It's an endless climb. But I love it so I will keep on climbing.

That's really cool! It's great meeting people like you!
And was filming in the mix as well from the beginning? I really like your music videos. The Allah-Las one came out great!

Aw, thank you. That's very kind.

I have been filming more or less since I was a kid and my parents bought a video camera. My cousin and I would make silly movies, like Kids in the Hall style skits. Funny because that's often the same type of video camera I'm using in my music videos.

It's funny that you say that because their's something very nostalgic about your videos.

Aw, I'm glad that comes through. I'm very nostalgic. It's a blessing and a curse I suppose.

I revisited video making when a friend of mine passed down their video camera to me, and I realized again this was something I really loved. Now I archive most of my trips, day to day life with either my super 8 or hi-8 video cameras. Lots of this footage turns into music videos or inspires them. I just finished shooting my first real short film, "The Mother Road". I'm really excited about it. This is a trailer (one sec) there it is  :)

Pedrum Siadatian

Pedrum Siadatian

Will definitely watch it! I also noticed you do a lot of videos for artists on Mexican Summer. They have a great roster, especially know with Allah - Las!

Cool, thank you!

Yes, I do. I love working with that label. They have an incredible roster, full of friends, and are really supportive of my artistic vision. Something in the works soon with the lovely Weyes Blood.

They definitely do! And I saw! The trailer looks dope!

Glad you dig. This project will be cool, it is a silent film shot on Route 66, and I have the soundtrack done by all incredible Canadian artists Alex Calder, Mac DeMarco, Calvin Love, Doomsquad, TOPS, She Devils, Petra Glynt, Kuba Pie, and Sean Nicholas Savage.

Looking forward to it!  One last question! How did you start working with likes of people like Mac and Alex. Did you meet them during their uprising in Canada?

Mac Demarco

Mac Demarco

Awesome, thank you. I'll be sure to share it with you.

Definitely do!

Yes, I suppose I did! We all kinda met about 4 or so years ago. I was immersed in the Toronto music scene, which was really booming with some wicked talent, and they often came to Toronto to play shows. My friend told me I should shoot Mac, and so we did a shoot in the alley of his show and have been collaborating ever since. Alex was playing with Mac at times too. I was just chilling with Alex the other weekend, he's such a great guy, really makes me laugh.

Wow! The music scene is definitely booming over there! That's how I feel about NY right now too. A lot of Rock n Roll and I love it!

Yes, it sure is, some special sounds. New York is doing some special things too. I love the Mystery Lights, Cotillon, and Juan's music.

All great bands! So, those are all the questions from me! We really appreciate you doing this! This was by far the most realest interview I've done! haha