Hearing about Frankie Broyles, ex Deerhunter, and Phillip Frobos, ex Carnivores, teaming up to create Omni was very interesting to us. A little bit of research and we found out Phillip used to play for a band called Carnivores. Now, if you ever listen to Deerhunter and Carnivores, you may wonder how Omni came to be. Well, Frankie and Phillip played for different bands, but they both had something in common and it only took some extra time together to figure that out. Read the interview below we did with Phillip as he explains why they decided to create Omni and how things went just so smoothly for them. It was just meant to happen.

Hey! How are you?
Pretty good. Hanging tough. How are you today by the way?

Pretty good, just sending emails haha We noticed Omni will be coming to NYC pretty soon? Is that right?
Yeah! We're playing at Shea Stadium and Mercury Lounge. A little bit more than a month away. Not too much.

Awesome! We’ll definitely stop by!
Cool, that sounds good!

Sweet! Correct me if I’m wrong, but before Omni you played for the same Carnivores that released the tracks Spell and Pillow Talk, right?
Oh yeah, same band. There’s also a ultra alt-rock UK Carnivores, not to be confused. We’re the good one, so, yeah, same band.

Haha Just wanted to make sure! And Frankie the guitarist for Omni is ex Deerhunter?
Yeah, Frankie! He was also in another great group called Balkans.

What it is it like working together and coming from different sounds for bands?
We wrote a lot of the songs in between him touring and off time. Eventually we decided to give Omni a swing and it just become something of our own. Also, Frankie and I were interested in minimal punk music, so we went for that specific direct in sound.

So, you guys were all in this collectively?
Yeah, well Frankie and I started the group. We actually play everything on the album. I don't think we necessarily had a grand vision. We had been DJing around Atlanta a lot, and we started to draw influence from the records we would play every week. When we wrote “Eyes on the Floor” we knew we were on to something. So we followed that lead.

Then, how  did you two meet?
We met at a house show back in 2008 that Carnivores and Balkans played together, but started writing when we lived together a few years later.

And how was the transition like? You coming from Carnivores and Frankie from Deerhunter, then coming together to create Omni? Which is a completely different sound.
It was a good transition. With my group, there was a lot going on. A lot of opinions and sometimes with that many people it's really hard to specifically hone in on an idea that you're trying to execute. Lots of noise.
When I started working with Frankie, it was easy because we only had to be happy with our own parts and the direction. Each time we finished a demo it felt like the kind of song I wanted to write, not just what we would end up with.Well you guys have been getting good feedback already. A lot of good responses!
Yeah, we've been very pleased.

Is it any surprise to you?
I guess... I didn't really know what to think. With this band, the cool thing is we kinda did the opposite of what we did with our old bands, where we were all about DIY and trying really hard and probably sometimes trying too hard. With this band, it was very organic. We let the shows and the songs speak for themselves and stopped doing anything we didn't want to. So it's kinda awesome letting something be what it is and then seeing the positive results.

We really like the album a lot, and it sorta reminds us of the Talking Heads. In it's own certain way too! And we mean it as a compliment really.
Oh, no no we love the talking heads. I'm sure there's some of that in there, especially their early stuff before they hired all their instrumentalists.

So you would say they’re an inspiration to you guys?
I mean I wouldn't say we set out to sound like them. I think maybe one time when we were writing and thinking "maybe this baseline should sound like the Talking Heads" but I think that's about it. Specifically when we were writing the song Earrings. I don't think it was a goal of ours to sound like them.

Very cool! You talked a little about the recording process before. Can you elaborate on that?
We always want to keep everything to one day and a couple of hours and then we would refine. Usually either me or Frankie would come up with a baseline or guitar, then we kinda built on it there. Usually by the time Frankie gets the drums in, I would write the vocals and that's a song.

So, you always create the lyrics off the riff?
I definitely don't write the lyrics or melodies before there's both a guitar and baseline, because a lot of the time Frankie's guitar parts give me ideas, melodically, that I wouldn't have if it was just the baseline.

What would be the perfect bill for you and Omni?
We probably would just want to play with our friends. We really like the NOTS out of Memphis. We played with Drinks and Protomartyr at CMJ last year, I think they have pretty like minded music which made for a decent show.



Any last words to the readers?
We're not slowing down. We're already in the works for a second album.

Yeah?! Already in the works?

What can we expect from that album?
We’ve been listening to more Roxy Music.

Buy Omni Deluxe LP Here.

Buy Omni Deluxe LP Here.