We've been hearing about this record for quite some time now. In fact, it was about a year ago when we met band member Jefferson Augusto over the social media world. At the time we only heard the track "Sun" and we were very pleased. Now we're happy to hear the entire LP Bee and Bee!

For the release of the record we interviewed the band and also featured one of our favorite tracks from the LP. Enjoy!

I know that you mentioned you're from Brazil, Is the whole band originally from there too?

Yes! From Rio, specifically.

What do you and your band mates like to do besides playing music?

I really like cycling. It’s something that makes me feel very good. Iza likes to go hiking, explore nature and so on. And write texts about politics, chronicles and poems are things that Renan really likes to do. Besides that, I think the three of us have similar hobbies, like watching TV shows, films, reading books, go to concerts, parties, etc.

How and when did you guys come together to form a band?

I met Renan in the philosophy faculty in 2011. We had a similar taste in music, so we talked a lot about this and we became friends. In 2013 I decided to finish some compositions I had started a long time ago and after that form a band to play these songs. During this process I showed him a lot of songs and ideas. After seeing my “drama” to find a bass player, he offered to do it haha. Iza was playing with him in a band, so it was natural to call her to play with us in this project. In January 2014 we did the first rehearsal and we are here so far.

What are some bands/artists you always go back to for inspiration?

Sonic Youth were a school for me and I learn a lot of things even today when I listen to them. I started to to explore more possibilities in guitar when I knew them at 14 (it was so striking that I remember exactly how old I was). Velvet Underground and Jefferson Airplane are always great inspirations too.

We've heard great things about the music scene in South America, what's it been like for you guys, specifically in Brazil?

There are many great bands and others arise frequently. The problem is the number of places there are to play and things like this. But the good side is that the bands organize things together and try to make it work. Which is wonderful.

Any South American bands you want to shout out?

Atom Pop, Cafe Republica, Chico de Barro, Molodoys, The John Candy, Lê Almeida, Frabin, Lava Divers, Do Nada, SLVDR, Robsongs, Catavento, Caramuru, Devilish Dear. Henrique Cunha, Salvage, Kalouv.

You've been talking about this album for quite some time now. How do you feel now that it's finally out?

I’m very relieved. The whole process was very tiring. Funny, good, but very tiring. Not only for the process itself, but because so much things happened in our lives out the band too. Good things, bad things. So, put the album in the world is the representation of a period for us. 

What do you want people listing to this album to feel and take away from it?

The best thing I can do in this case is not wanting something specific. When we talk about music, I really like to think of the endless possibilities and how people are different from each other. I remember when I listened to “your mother should know” for the first time. For some reason, I felt a little uncomfortable. Not bad, but uncomfortable. At the same time, I felt good too. Strange, no? “Forever changes” is one of my favorite albums and to this day I still have a little trouble listening to it. I don’t know why, but it’s always a bit uncomfortable. And that’s the magic. This is not a relation with what Paul McCartney and Arthur Lee thought when they composed songs, but with the abstraction that a work gets when it’s shared with the world. This is one of the most beautiful things in art.

What's your favorite song from the album? Which one do you think will be a hit?

It’s like asking a father to choose one of the children, it’s very complicated. Right, I’ll try. Today my favorite is Sleep Away, tomorrow who knows? It really changes all the time.

Was the process behind the new album any different than past albums?

Very different. We recorded our EP in one day playing live and the whole process until the release day lasted a week. We liked the results, but we wanted to record the album in a different way. The first change was the place. We recorded the EP at the home of a friend, but for the album we decided to record here in my house. Besides that, we took care of the whole process, which was challenging. But we learned a lot with this and it was very good. We also linger a lot longer, but the album is how we wanted to, what is great. 

Do you guys see yourselves touring soon? Possibly in North America?

There is nothing planned, but touring in and outside the country is something we would like to do.

What else does the future hold for Winter Waves?

Well, we spent our last few months fully involved in the album recording process. So we’re focused on things involving it. Play the songs live, disclose and so on. But we love arranging sons, make recordings. After a while we’ll be back to do it.

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