Talented Shanghai born and raised artist Kaiyu Huang is a good example that it's never too late to start doing what you love. If you have a vision for something, you don't have to put many years in your craft to show it.  For all those people who say that they can never get into art because they are too old or that it will take too long to practice to create the visions they want, they should quit the excuses. Kaiyu has been in the game for less than year and in our opinion he already makes more interesting work than people who have been in the industry for years. 

There are so many styles of art today that is being created on so many different levels, but nothing beats the kind of art that was made by someone you know doesn't have many years of experience. But that's not why Kaiyu's work is so fascinating. He is talented because he expresses his art in a way where he keeps you wondering what's the message or story in his pieces.

He wanted this interview to be short and sweet because he want's everyone reading to focus more on his work other than his words of expression. Take a peek and see what you get out of it or don't down below. 

Alice With Four Teeth

Are you ready?
Yeah, let's do this

A Queer Vacuum Cleaner Being A Racist

So how did you get into art? Did you start at a young age?
I started in my first year of college. So it is a young age.

How many years have you been in the game?
I’m still a college student and I haven't had any real shows. So zero years in the “game”.

You're quite talented then. That makes you a natural!
I guess so. 

Land With A Rainbow

What brought you into painting?
My own interest, and the huge possibility that this medium itself has. I would like to thank Will
Sultan for being a great inspiration to me. He’s a painter as well. We are roommates and we’ve
been around encouraging each other through the past year.

A Palace #1

That's great to have someone to work with. I saw you also did a handful of tattoo works. Was tattooing your “full-time gig”?
No, I am a full time student. I’m lucky that my parents are putting the bread (rice in my case) on the table for me.

Haha, so how long have you been tattooing for?
Two years. But I no longer do it. 

An Afternoon

An Owner

Three Audiences

Nice. Let's get back to talking about your art. Some figures in your paintings look rather strange and awkward but very interesting. What got you to paint those?
I think they are. I tried to set up situations which are awkward enough to challenge my own acceptance.

A Meeting

A Brave Gentle Man With A Criminal

Your last few works seem to be political. Are they? If they are, why?
I didn’t intentionally try to make political works, but they can have political overtones. I was interested in finding the openness inside of “political art” itself, explore what they can be, other than a statement, an opinion or a protest directly toward social issues.

That's really interesting.
Thank you.

A Palace #2

Is there anything else that you would want to share with the people reading this interview?
Nothing much. The only thing I want is for the people to not focus so much on the interview but rather put more focus on my work that I've made. Thank you Buried Muse again for your time.

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