Brooklyn-based psych band The Mystery Lights consists of Mike Brandon on Guitar/Vocals, LA Solano on Guitar, Alex Q Amini on bass and finally Kevin Harris on the organ. First forming and finding their roots in California, the band eventually crossed paths again in NYC where they solidified their sound and identity.

Let The Mystery Lights take you through a journey of 60’s garage rock psychedelia with their self-titled LP, now out on Daptone's new rock imprint Wick Records!

The songs in this record transition smoothly from one to the other. The minute long intro song starts off the album just right and is followed by “Follow Me Home” which starts immediately after and fools you into thinking they’re both the same song.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself singing along to “Too Many Girls.” Shortly after comes the heavy hitter “Melt.” Then you’ll be serenaded by Mike Brandon’s vocals on “Candlelight.” Finally, the closing track “What Happens When You Turn The Devil Down” is the perfect ending to this wonderful LP that stays true to its style throughout.

"Follow Me Home" Official Music Video

"Melt" Official Music Video

The Mystery Lights self-titled LP is definitely gonna be our go-to jam throughout the entire summer. If you have the chance, we highly suggest you go see them live. Besides the great music, their frontman Mike Brandon moves like an animal all over the stage.

- Written by Victor Villa.