Listening to new Mac Demarco material is always a bit scary and a lot of bit exciting. With last years "Mini LP" titled Another One, we got an album of love songs with a ton of new synth sounds we'd never heard out of Mac, it was new but it still held the same essence of Jizz Jazz. 

Today, Mac shared the two opening songs from his upcoming LP titled This Old Dog set to release May 5th via Captured TracksThe first track "My Old Man" opens up with an arpeggiator that carries throughout the song as Mac's acoustic guitar and voice puts us in a trance. The second song, the title track, is a slower, bittersweet love song, as Mac sings "Sometimes my love may be put on hold.." only drums and acoustic guitar are heard and a soothing synth slowly comes in during the chorus. 

This Old Dog sounds like it'll be the most minimal albums of the bunch, less lead guitar, less jizz jazz, just his guitar and his voice. This could mean that his live set might be minimized, but we won't really know till we hear the rest of the album. This is a natural step forward for Mac, for the first time in a while, his songs feel true, sincere, and from the heart. We're excited!

 Check out the two songs below:

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