Sunflower Bean at Bowery Ballroom

"I remember meeting Julia at my friend Anna Li's house back in 2012, she was a quiet girl who was eager to be photographed. While shooting her photo I knew from that time she was naturally talented. It's crazy because when I was her age I was focused on skateboarding everyday and being a little fucktard, cutting school to go to the Lower East Side. Julia focused more on music and developed into a respected female artist. Fast forward a few years later, now she is an internationally known model for Yves Saint Laurent and her music is being streamed on a daily basis. Bands come and go, but her band Sunflower Bean has been killing it lately so get used to them, she hit me up to show face at her show, Sunflower Bean was headlining along with other gnarly bands like Honduras. The energy was pretty much everything I wanted it to be, people pushing and shoving all in good fun, the smell of body odor and beer took over the venue. You know it was a good fucking night when you are covered in sweat and smell like your drunk uncle."

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