Photo by Isaac Sterling

Photo by Isaac Sterling

Mild High Clubs’ recognizable but unique sound has become a staple in style. The hypnotic keyboards and the mystical sounds of the 12 string guitar, provide one with inexplicable bliss. The soft vocals ease you into a calm state of mind along with the music. It could easily fuel a mind twisting drug experience, or a deep and beautiful slumber. Their latest release Skiptracing delivered plenty of mesmeric, romantic, and psychedelic goodness.

The track "Kokopelli" from Skiptracing, got a music video today and It couldn’t be more satisfying. The animated video couldn’t fit the the track any more. A series of beautifully strange animated drawings gracefully embrace the psychedelic, while the stimulating sounds of the track throw you into a trance. Both providing pleasure to sight and sound.

The music video was directed, animated, and edited by Pierce McGarry who is mostly known for being the Singer/Guitarist for the band Walter TV, and for playing bass in Mac Demarco’s beloved ensemble. You can watch the music video below:

- Words by Victor Villa