We caught up with our good friend Stefan Christov also known as Miles Bandit for a quick look into his new album "Night Man" as well as what to expect from him in the future. 

So recently you released your new album "Night Man", how was the process of making it?
Night man came as a reaction to all the hardships I was experiencing in the beginning of 2015. Amongst my father passing away in February, my mom and I were forced to move from our home and the city I basically grew up in (Oceanside) to my grandparent's house in LA. So many negative things were going on at that time. The album was kind of way for me to escape, heal, and create my own world to get lost in.

Here's "I Wan't You (She's A Babe)" a track from the new album: 

From where do you draw inspiration from when writing music? 
Everything can be inspiring to me. I know that’s a really broad way of putting it but life, in general, is so complex and there are some many things to be thankful for and things to cherish. With me, it goes the same way with music. I really dive into everything that sounds pleasing to my ear. Genres don’t really concern me although this album might fall under a specific kind of sound. I listen to everything as long as they're substance and soul behind it. You can really tell when someone is creating with their heart and experience.
Can you describe what it's like being an upcoming artist in Oceanside, California?
It’s totally rad! There’s tons of talented artist’s. Everyone is really supportive and into the idea of cultivating art and self-expression. We do a fair amount of house shows with other local bands who are excited to bring new people in and it’s super cool to see so many people enjoying good the music with like-minded people.  
Do you plan on touring anytime soon? Possibly east coast?
At this point, I don’t really see us touring anytime soon. My band mates and I all have jobs down here and we don’t really have the time or money to really go for something like that right now. We would love to go to the east coast if we get the chance!

What do you like to do when making music starts to get overwhelming? Any other hobbies?
Besides music, skateboarding is always a nice way to get my mind off things. I try to immerse myself in other forms of art like drawing or poetry. I’m also very interested in film, although I haven’t really made anything besides my music videos. I just really love the act of creation in general. If I really need a break from everything, I meditate.
Who is Anna from the song "Oh Anna"?
Oh, Anna is based off someone I was involved with briefly before I made the move up to LA. She was an old friend that was visiting her family for the summer and would eventually end up going back to school in the fall. During the time I was moving out of my house, we connected and began seeing each other. We both saw an inevitable end but still perused each other until we both had to leave the city. I wrote the song about her after the fact as a way of expressing how I felt. It didn’t end well and we don’t really talk at all anymore. It’s not something I like looking back on. But it’s crazy how something like that, with all the pain and confusion that it caused me, could be channeled into a song that has gotten such a positive response. I have never written a piece of music this far that has gotten the response the way Oh Anna has.
What does the future look like for Miles Bandit? 
I’ve been working hard on another album and I have a fair amount of songs lined up. Some of them were created around the same time I was working on Night Man. Although I enjoy writing sweet and sad love songs, I am too looking to expand my thoughts on other aspects of the world and human life. Music is a spiritual thing to me and I’d like to include more of that energy in my music.
Who is Miles Bandit? Is he an alter ego or character you made up?
I guess it’s sort of like an alter ego. I don’t really think of it like that, though.
I’ve been making music since I was 9 and I’ve been a part of many bands and done a lot of solo work. I started making music that sounded like this a while back and it just made more sense for me to use a different name than my own. In a sense, the name kind of represents someone that is consciously ahead of their time, if time were measured in miles. It’s like that person you know that is always dropping some heavy intellect and it really hits you and your like damn where did that come from. Not that I’m I’m that kind of person. Growing up I just always thought I spent a little more time thinking than my peers, and for better or worse it made me who I am.
 Anything else you'd like to share with the folks reading this?
If you want to create, create. If you are facing hardships in your life, turn it into something positive. Don’t be scared to feel. Embrace life with open arms. Be grateful for every day. And if there’s every a chance to choose, choose love.