Jimmy Hewitt has been hard at work making music under the name Lost Film for the past year or so, and we've been loving every single release. Lost Film's latest single "Silver Keys" is finally something he can call a completely collaborative effort.

"This is the first completely collaborative effort for the project.  In the past, I've written and played all of the parts besides live drums and then get the band together for shows.  In February, we were invited to spend the day in Converse's Rubber Tracks studio in Boston.  We went in with no set plans or songs and hadn't even seen each other since our last tour in September.  I wanted to see what we could come up with on the spot in the studio and after a few hours and half-written songs, we came up with the main part to "Silver Keys".  The whole song was written and recorded within 2 or 3 hours including the lyrics.   I've only been back to Boston a handful of times since moving away a couple of years ago and I guess I still get a little nostalgic when I go back so when it came time to lay down vocals, naturally the first thing that came to mind was about being back in my old neighborhood." - Jimmy Hewitt