Today's feature includes LA band Lou Breed's single "Hip, Uh" taken off their Locus of Control album

Photo by Eder Ramirez

Here's a few words about the album concerning its process, inspirations, and themes, taken from their bandcamp.

"Locus of Control is the first Lou Breed album created as a document of a fully live band. Bass, drums, guitar and lead vocals for each song were recorded together live to an 8-track tape machine. We decided to take this route to achieve the raw energy that was captured by bands that we have admired who have created songs with great emotion, humanity and that have tapped into that secret and mystical currents of rock and/or roll that has coursed through all living things since time immemorial. 

A few inspirations in no specific order: John Prine, The Baptist Generals, George Harrison, Howling Wolf, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Cate Le Bon, Cass McCombs, Captain Beefheart, The Velvet Underground (duh) and so many more. 
The songs, though written as singular objects, taken together cohere in a way I am still figuring out how to talk about. Love, loss, anger, nostalgia and acceptance of reality are all themes that seem to repeat throughout the album, but really, it's just rock music, I'm not trying to think too hard about"