HALA is the rock n roll project of singer/songwriter Ian Ruhala. He has released a number of full lengths, EP's, collabs via YouTube and bandcamp. Some are serious, some aren't, but they're all fun and great to listen to. In his latest release, 'Spoonfeed', Ruhala has invested in his entire heart and soul.

"Spoonfed is about not giving into the things you are "fed/told" growing up. It is a rebellious punk album idea gone wrong, you could say."

The album was recorded in the midst of Ruhala moving into a dorm in Detroit, in the chilly winter of January. "I feel like you can hear the coldness in this record, because sometimes I would have to record with a coat on and tissues stuffed up my nose to stop it from running. My acoustic guitars especially took a beating being in such a chilly environment." Ruhala was also going to university at this time and experimenting with the insanity that are college parties. " It was a weird time in my life; I was partying a lot and hanging out with an older crowd of students. Trouble was constantly on my trail, I guess."

At the end of the day, Ruhala would always return to his attic and keep on writing/working on his music and eventually took some time off to record the new record. "It took me about a month to do everything; record, mix it with my buddy/bassist Jeej, and master it with one of Wayne State's finest, Jake Halkey (we mastered the album at The Verona, in Detroit. Which, I believe Joni Mitchell lived at for some part of the 60s)".

The new record is definitely something we'll be playing over and over here at BM and most importantly, it's a record that is nothing short of fun to listen to. Sit back and take in Ruhala's pièce de résistance.

'Spoonfed' is being released through Balaclava Records and you can buy it on iTunes here.