My Friend Peter is a solo project based in Graz, Austria. We've kept our eyes on Benedikt Bränds, the brainchild of the project, ever since he reached out to us and it's been great seeing him progress.

Today, we're more than happy to share his latest album, In Between. In Between, is 14-song psych gem and an ode to his 2015 release Entre les Trous de la Mémoire. Below is an interview we did with the Benedikt and songs we've selected from the album to share. Enjoy!

So, how did you first get into making music?

Well, my parents both are musicians. I learned to play the cello as a child in school and then a friend of mine asked me if I'd like to form a band together, so I picked up the bass and taught myself how to play along with the music I was listening to at the time. Later on, we all started to try to record ourselves and eventually I would go on my own to write and record my own music. I would simply plug my guitar into the microphone and upload it to my computer.

That's awesome! Do your parents still play?

Yes, my father's a double-bass player in a symphonic orchestra, he’s very into baroque music, and my mother's a violin teacher.

I can very much relate. My dad has been playing guitar for over 30 years but he unfortunately never pursued a musical career out of it. Music runs in our family so it's cool to hear from someone who can relate. Have your parents ever gave you any advice on music? 

Not directly. The thing is that I'm not doing anything much related to what they are doing. Well, as a matter of fact, every album I put out my father asks me if it wouldn't be a good idea for me to take singing lessons, haha. But they support me and tell me to keep doing this because they know it’s my passion and that it's a way for me to deal with personal problems, kind of.

"When I Was"

How did you come up with the band name "My Friend Peter"? It's very different, we really dig it.

I didn't know anyone named Peter at the time but I always found the name kinda of funny. I think my friends here at home kind of understand this more but in Austria, the name is really common. So it was weird for me to not come across someone with the name.  So yeah, that's really how I came up with the name “My Friend Peter”.  Band names with names of people are always good. I also play in a psych-rock band which is called High Brian, haha.

That's cool! Send me a link to the band I'd love to check it out. What inspired you to make psych music? Is there a band that inspired you? 

It's more rough & heavy but here’s the link: But I’m sure it’s obvious that Tame Impala is a big inspiration. Also, the Beatles are a huge inspiration to me. When I was a kid my parents had the Red and the Blue album on vinyl, so I ended up listening to them a lot. I just love those warm sounds. Recently I don't know if anyone can hear it in my music but I deeply fell in love with Stereolab. So a little bit of them has rubbed off on me and made it in my music.

Stereolab is an awesome band, I can definitely hear some of them in your recent stuff. I can also hear some Tame Impala, but you definitely got your own thing going and it sounds really good!  Are you excited to finally put out your recent album and share it with the public? 

Eeeh, I don't know. I started out making music for myself and my friends in the first place. Then I uploaded it to SoundCloud and Bandcamp, following that with a Facebook page later on. But it’s still weird to me that there are also some people listening to that stuff I even don't know, so i guess that's kinda exciting!


I feel you. We get the same feeling too when we are about to put some stuff out. So, what do you want people to get out of this album after listening to it? 

Hmm, interesting question. I think the album is something to listen to as a whole. Sure there are songs which stand out on their own but all in all, I want people to really listen to it and really get the mood. Then there are these last songs which give a lot of space to think about the whole thing or just think of nothing. and at least, this may sound egocentric, but this album is some sort of therapy thing to me so I don't care that much about what other people get from it in the first place. Surely I hope they like it, though, haha

Haha, gotcha. It doesn't make you egocentric at all. Actually, that would make you the opposite. But I'm sure everyone is gonna love this album. We've been listening to it nonstop!  Do you plan on coming to the US soon? 

That'd be great. but the problem's still that I don't have a band yet.

You gotta put one together fast! 

Yeah, it's not that easy. You gotta get the right people together and I still haven't met them here in Austria. It’s also because I'm not that much of an active seeker.

Gotcha, well just know that we're in New York with open arms!So what's next after the album release? 

Sure, thanks. I will make it over there one day! In the near future the record label that’s based in Hamburg called 'La Pochette Surprise' are good friends of mine, so they're going to be releasing my Tape around February of next year with a release show. So far, that's the only one occasion I can see my music being played live in a band constellation. I will also continue to play solo shows and of course, start another album. I already had some ideas for new songs.

That’s really exciting. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us all in the future. But it looks like that’s all the questions for now. Is there anything else you would like to let the people reading this interview know? 

Say no to drugs and keep on making music, it's the only thing that matters. These are some solemn last words. Also don't you ever get too serious, it will break you down. Thank you Buried Muse for doing this. This is my first sort of real interview so I’m glad that you guys are my first. Have a nice evening and thanks for the support.