Lucille Furs is one of the best bands Chicago has to offer. Their sound? Well, it's hard to put into words, but very easy to feel. While their music hasn't been easy to stumble upon the internet, they've been making a name for themselves in the local scene in Chicago. In the past year, they've also been working hard at recording their debut LP and now they're more than ready to share with the world and start spreading their dreamy sound. 

Today we're sharing the official video for "Our Lady of Perpetual Frustration" coming off the debut record which is releasing on Sept 29th. The psychedelic ballad is nothing short of beautifully poetic and same goes for the video created by Cameron Pugh. View the video and read a short interview with Petros Tsotsos from the band below. 


How and where did you guys all meet and how did the band come together?

Patrick and Brendan met at Columbia college after Pat, Nick, and Dino were already discussing a music project. Though all of us have crossed paths over the years in Chicago, Trevor appeared at Wally World (rip), a diy spot in Chicago and we all started playing together. 

What are you guys up to when you aren't playing shows or recording?

You could find us in any coffee shop or on the Humboldt park tennis courts

Let's talk about the debut album. It feels like it's been a long time coming but that's just from my perspective. How long has this thing taken for real and what was the process? 

Haha yeah it has been a long time. We recorded straight to 1/2" and 2" tape, sporadically from July 2016 - April 2017 splitting time between Seven Levels and Treehouse Records. Although we are excited to finally release this record, we have been hard at work completing LP 2.

Album cover by John Zabawa. 

Album cover by John Zabawa. 

The music video looks great! Can you guys tell me about the process behind it? 

Thanks man, we had our dude Cameron Pugh shoot our show at Lincoln hall on his 16mm Bolex and he spliced it together with footage we shot at the Indiana sand dunes, we didn't really have a concrete idea whilst filming. 

Do you guys put any collective effort into having an aesthetic as a band? (for ex: outfits, visuals, album covers)

Our mate John Zabawa actually painted our album cover and we collectively agreed on his art direction for this record. He did a great job with the buried muse logo by the way! Some of us just either raid Brendan's moms closet before shows or we go thrift hunting on tour. 

What are some bands that you guys collectively love, or are always listening to for inspiration? 

While it's true that we all love some of the same bands from yesteryear, individually we do have our own styles of music that we are freakishly nerdy about, listening to and collecting from the 40's till around 1979 haha.

You can pre-order Lucille Furs debut record here.