Thank god for the Internet. Rather, thank god for the beautiful people on the Internet who create platforms where artists can share their art. If it weren't for them, young artists like Max Gardener wouldn't be able to share their music or even be motivated to for that matter. Because then, people like us over at Buried Muse wouldn't be able to broadcast their beautiful work. 

So, thank you Internet, because today we get to premiere the latest EP by  19 year old wiz-kid Max Gardener who writes, records, and mixes dreamy albums in his bedroom. His latest EP is titled New in Town is the first release of 2017 and his 4th release overall following up last year's full length Memory Lounge and his EP Stirrings. 

Here's our favorite track from the album that we added to our buried tracks collection. Enjoy!

The EP is step forward for Max as he describes it to be a "palette cleanser" of sorts.

"New In Town is really just an album about relationships rather than say simple love. It also is about strange behavior of people around us, just simply strange at times. I just wanted to make something good, and I wanted to put a little something while I work on a full LP for the summertime."  

We're in love with EP and are super excited to continue watching this awesome dude grow and share his great music. Listen to the full EP down below via Sadie Street Records:

You can buy the digital/cassette album here.