Photo: Elizabeth Maney

Photo: Elizabeth Maney

Stuyedeyed is by far one of the most active, energetic, and badass garage rock bands in NYC at the moment. They spread love and they spread it with rock 'n' roll that'll give you chills straight down your spine and straight back up. 

We're excited to showcase their latest single titled "Pearl" off their upcoming album 'Funeral', out on 3/10 via King Pizza Records and Greedy Dilettante Records.

Full of riveting fuzzy guitar riffs and fills that almost sound like a keyboard, the track will keep you wanting more, and if you're in NYC you can fulfill that want by going to their release show tonight in Brooklyn, (details here). Also here's a fun fact: the track actually includes Nikki Barber of The Minks, as well as all of Ron Gallo (Ron Gallo, Dylan Sevey, and Joe Bisirri) in the backup vocals. 

"The song is specifically about the fear to be one’s self. It’s  about waking up from that exact fear and finding the freedom to live your truest truth. Kind of like waking up from a bad dream, if you will" - Nelson Espinal (front-man)

Listen to the full gem below: 

Pre-order the 'Funeral' Cassette here and go celebrate its release with The Parrots here.

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