Photo By Jackie Lee Young

Photo By Jackie Lee Young

With every Thee Oh Sees release I fall into an existential crisis, am I doing anything productive? John Dwyer, please let the rest of us catch up. Take a break. I can't take a couple of days every few months to sit down and comprehend your maniacal works. 

Renamed "Oh Sees", the band return with a new album titled Orc. This record, like the couple of previous ones is very much chaotic, Mutilator Defeated At Last ushered in a new era of Thee Oh Sees, one with a complete disregard for all things peaceful and sane. 

"The Static God" introduces the album, attempting to hijack your sanity within seconds and "Nite Expo" is easily a favorite. It is difficult to explain what an Oh Sees record is like, all you can do is go experience this assault on your ears for yourself.

- Victor Villa

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