Sacha Lecca is one of the most notable photographers shooting rock n' roll in this day and age. If there's an incredible show happening, especially in NYC, you'll probably find Sacha there.

Recently, Sacha had the chance to stop by this years Meltasia festival. When we first heard of where and what exactly Meltasia was, we were in awe. In short, Meltasia is mainly a rock 'n' roll festival organized by Andy Animal which takes place in an abandoned zoo in the Catskill Mts. Yes, an abandoned zoo. Unfortunately, we didn't get to go and experience the insane event, so we're gonna let Sacha share his experience and a take a look through his lens at Meltasia. 

I’m not entirely sure but I may have been the only person who brought their mom to Meltasia. (When your mother, wearing a Fat White Family t-shirt, says she wants to go see Surfbort, you take her). Andy Animal’s Meltasia Music Festival 2016 (situated on the grounds of an old game farm in Catskill NY) featured some of my favorite people/bands including Surfbort, Fat White Family, The Mystery Lights, The Nude Party and more. Meltasia was felt like a biblical garden for music and set up to create a very laid back atmosphere, and to highlight the bands. I’ve never been so happy/relieved to be out of cell service range, and completely disconnected from the outside world. I brought a camera and here area few images from that weekend. - Sacha Lecca

Upon entering the Old Game Farm you were welcomed and greeted by goats.

Alex Q Amini, LA Solano, and Kevin Harris from the The Mystery Lights struggle with a tent. The old animal pens were available for camping. 

The Nude Party: Steam Williams, Alec Castillo, Connor Mikata, Christopher Magee.

The Nude Party: Austin Brose, Zachary Merrill.

The vibe overall was super chill, more so by the fire pit.

Mike Brandon and Alex Q Amini from the Mystery Lights.

Kevin Harris, LA Solano, Zach Butler and Mike Brandon from the Mystery Lights.

Mike Brandon and Alex Q Amini from the Mystery Lights.

The great Bobby Liebling from Pentagram just hanging out.

Dani Miller from Surfbort plays to the crowd.

Meltasia organizer Andy Animal during Surfbort’s set.

(from left) Oakley Munson (I think), Andy Animal with Saul Adamczewski and Lias Saoudi of Fat White Family.

Birdcloud: Makenzie Green and Jasmin Kaset.

Dirty Fences.

Meltasia fairy, Jackie Green, getting a ‘WHOLE LOTTA’ tattoo at Meltasia.

Tina Halladay from Sheer Mag.

Crowd lingering post Sher Mag set.

Fat White Family: Lias’ reaction to having an American flag tossed on stage. A side note on this: before Fat White Family’s set I ran into Lias and got to chat a bit. Topics ranging from touring and exhaustion to exaggerated  displays of patriotism by Brits and also Americans. Mid-set, when the American flag was thrown on stage, I knew something like that would happen. 

Fat White Family: Adam J Harmer. Lias Saoudi.

Fat White Family: Lias Saoudi.

Fat White Family: Meltasia faithful.

Fat White Family: Saul Adamczewski with smoke bomb.

Fat White Family: Adam J Harmer, Lias Saoudi, Saul Adamczewski .

My last shot of the fest.

If you dig Sacha Lecca and his photos you can view more from his Instagram here or from his site here.