At the release of Ariel Pink's latest video for "I Wanna Be Young" I quickly scrolled down to the description and looked for the mind behind the video. "Salvador Cresta" it read, and a most interesting tumblr page followed. Intricate drawings, music I've haven't heard, and overall interesting art. 

I quickly contacted Salvador asking to do an interview and he was more than happy to.  In advance, Salvador doesn't speak much English so we naturally did the interview in Spanish. Salvador would also much rather have his work speak for him but out of generosity he was still willing to do the interview.

That being said, enjoy the mind of Salvador.


Salvador! Do you still find yourself at work?

Just got here. A little late and half drunk.

haha do you still want to do the interview now?

I might be a little slow answering your questions because I'm working. Would you want to ask me some questions now and I’ll answer them tomorrow?

That's fine with me! I’ll start with how I came across your work. After seeing the new video of Ariel Pink, in the description I came across the name of the genius who created it haha

Please ask me whatever you want 🙂

How was that relationship formed? Between you and Ariel Pink?

I’ve been listening to Ariel Pink since 2007. The other day, after 10 years, I sent a little message to say that I really liked his music. He got back to me after a little while and I sent him my stuff and I offered to make a video.

Wow. It's good to see that he still has control over creative stuff like that.

Yeah, I don’t thinks his music would be as good if he wasn’t.

Very true. He doesn't look like someone who would sacrifice creativity for money. And this is’nt your music video, right? The video for "HABLAR" is masterpiece!

Yeah, that’s true… On my page you can see all the work I’ve done and there’s still some missing.

Something I also noticed is that some of your videos were created before that style of video (VHS and digital distortion) was even cool.

Successively, that’s how it goes.

What was your inspiration at that time to make videos like this?

Where I work. We make videos for tourists. With music by Juan Luis Guerra.


Haha I feel most people wouldn't see value or inspiration in those videos.

I just saw that they posted this. I think you may be interested in it.

This is great!

Well, that's the way I create. Keep things as simple as possible.

A minimalist in the process but it’s not obvious in the final product.

For someone with my resources, that’s the only way. Now, if anything would change continue to work in the same way.

Interesting. The first time I came across your drawings I would have never imagined that they are made with colored pencils. How long it takes to make a piece?

Days. I don’t like to linger too much on one thing. I need to move quickly to something else.


your drawings, at least to me, show native influence. Is that's right?


Sorry about my answers. They are so abbreviated because I'm burning DVD'S with travel photos of students as I talk to you.

All good! Answer it when you can.

I don’t like our "culture". I try to assimilate or interpret elements of other life forms ... less neurotic ones.

(For context, Salvador started sending the following images RANDOMLY through our CONVERSATION)


Are these photos of people you know? And are you talking of the culture in Argentina or in general? Or America?


From my job. These are the photos I burn. They are children who come from school trips. I copy them thousands and thousands of them on to DVD's. I’m talking of Western culture, which at this point, you could say "universal", because it covers practically most of the planet. I personally feel closer to the folklore of Saturn.

Have you ever used those pictures in your collages?

No ... But I made this video about my job and using materials from work.

I hope these links can elaborate more about what I do than what I could transmit through these little letters. This is a popular song of Saturn that I recorded a while ago when I lived alone in the mountains.

I Totally understand you. your work says a lot so i think it's good have us create our own interpretations. 

Quick question! How do they say “cool” in Argentina?

Hmm. Here where I live we use "Cooliado".  You can put it that way.

Haha.. Have you heard of the word “gufiao”?

No, never. What does it mean?

It means “cool” in Puerto Rico. When I moved to the States I learned that nobody uses except Puerto Ricans use that word and different countries use different words like “chido”.

How long have you lived there?

Almost all my life. I think 12 years. We moved here when I was 12.

I was talking to a girl who lives here in Brooklyn. She's a friend of my friend. I think next weekend she’s presenting some videos along with Alice Cohen. I can pass the event over. She makes interesting things.

I would love to go!

Do you know Alice Cohen?


This is great! The video is beautiful! Good atmosphere.

Yeah, I liked it too. And this is my friends work.

So many colors. I love it. Thank you for all the recommendations! In addition to your drawing and videos, you also make music.


Yeah. I have this label where I upload all my recordings.

That picture is perfect. Forgive my ignorance, but how is the music culture in Argentina? The only musician from Argentina that I know and I like is that Tall Tall Juan

I think Juan is Uruguayan.

Really? I talked to him and told me that is Argentina, but there might have been some miscommunication on my part.

Over here is like everywhere ... usually on the surface is the worst, but under if you look hard enough there are some interesting things.

That’s what I imagined. What bands or groups would you recommend?

Los Síquicos Litoraleños.

The first time I saw them live I started laughing hysterically because I could make no sense of the scene. They were three country men in a small little house in a town called Curuzu Cuatia. They were doing something genius which is hard to find in anywhere, including the U.S.

So good! Un futuro Ultraliviano is great!

Yeah, they’re geniuses. This is a video I made for them during a tour.

What camera did you use?

A minidv and a mini-vhs. Both borrowed haha

That’s what we also use time to time.

Well, Salvador. I’ve pretty much asked you everything on my end.

I answered everything in a rather limited way ... maybe with all links and information that I passed you could create an interesting article because as an "interview" I didn't say much.

I know a lot of people will enjoy this interview and you as character.

Excellent! Sergio, Gracias!

Thank You! I really appreciate that you were willing to do this! If you're traveling to NYC please let me know!

Definitely! I will!