Starting a skate company takes a lot of guts and a ton of risk. Whenever we stumble upon an up and coming skate company that's just starting out, we always try to show our respect and support. Northern Co is one of those companies that stands true and honest to raw skateboarding which is something we can't help but bring to light.
We reached out to Northern and learned a little about their roots, here's a little window into what they're all about.

How did Northern Co start?

Northern Co is originally a Long Island based company started by myself and Steve Fletch. Steve and I have been friends for probably almost ten years and about almost three years ago we decided to start our own little company. Originally it was suppose to be extremely small and just to kinda motivate our little community to keep the culture alive and push a little bit of what we think is important in skating. Eventually with the help of a few friends we were able to make good connections out west where we met Jesse and Bryan. Shortly thereafter I moved out to SF and Steve is still on the Island mainly running a majority of the physical aspect of the job while my lady and I work on the art direction of Northern. Things have been slowly snowballing since. 

What does Northern Co stand for?

This question, the longer we do it gets a little bit easier to verbalize. It seems to be for us, that we try to make it stand for style, creativity and individuality. Whatever we try to put out we attempt to make sure it is unique and important to us and hopefully people that feel the same way respond. We like putting out stuff from the boards to the guys we back that we believe is not something you see all time and will be interesting to watch or ride. If we are just talking about skating now, I think it is in a better place when it comes to accepting different ideas and different methods of presenting itself. When it comes down to it that's all this stuff is, how you perceive and want to present skating. If people are into it that's great, if not that's great too because you're still doing what you want. So that's cool. The not so great stuff I think has always been there, in someway or another. Things like clueless advertising, trend hopping , cheesy images ,dumb competitions, ect. Skateboarders can tell when something is not honest. We are the best bullshit detectors. I don’t know if there is really anything to change per say. It seems that the focus for board companies is at least backing on people who are sticking out and not just pushing a tired horse.

-Mike Gigante (Part Owner Of NC)

Here is a few of their recent films: