2016 was an interesting year for all of us. It felt like all our heroes were dying whilst our planet basically went to shit. However, it was a great year for music that gave everyone something to escape to. 

We're not here to judge what album was the best and whose is better but rather just share a list of our personal favorite records that we couldn't live without in the past treacherous year. So here are some of the best albums of 2016 that you may or may not have heard, in no apparent order. 

1. The Mystery Lights | The Mystery Lights

You ever heard the phrase "rock 'n' roll is good for the soul"? The Mystery Lights self titled debut is a record 15 years in the making and it's one hell of a ride. 

2. Levitation Room | Ethos

Psychedelic rock at its finest, Levitation Room is one of the most underrated bands right now. We highly suggest you check out 'We Love' on them here. 

3. Ty Segall | Emotional Mugger

Get inside Ty Segall's deranged mind with this experimental, crazy good record. It sets a tone of pure menace and it never gets old. 

4. Black Marble | It's Immaterial

After making their move to the city of Los Angeles, Black Marble makes a huge comeback with their latest post-punk/new-wave record. This one's a no-brainer. 

5. Drugdealer | The End of Comedy

A new era for singer-songwriter Michael Collins (ex Salvia Palth) as he collaborates with prolific artists like Ariel Pink, Weyes Blood, and Mild High Club to produce some beautiful 60's rock 'n' roll sounds. 

6. Night Beats | Who Sold My Generation

The Night Beats are incredible. They've got the right formula for making some highly addicting garage rock tunes. 

7. Ruby Haunt | Sugar

Haunting lyrics with minimal pop instrumentals. These dudes have got sound and aesthetic down the to bone. Check out our latest feature with them here. 

8. Mild High Club | Skiptracing

Probably Alexander Brettin's best work as he questions what truly a song is compromised of. Groovy guitars and beautiful composition easily makes this one of the best records of the year if not the decade.  

9. Allah Las | Calico Review

Allah Las holds a good place in our hearts. We've been fans since their debut and have never hesitated to listen to them on a daily basis. Their latest record is nothing short of great. Do listen.  

10. Porches | Pool

Another no-brainer. Porches made a huge jump this past year and it was well deserved. Pool probably made it on everybody's summer playlist. 

11. Preoccupations | Preoccupations

A new age, name, and record for one of best post-punk bands out there right now. 

12. Gap Dream | This is Gap Dream

A beautiful composition of garage rock and synth pop. Listen to the track "Rock and Roll" and you won't hesitate to dive into the full thing

13. King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard | Nanogon Infinity

"In your face, nonstop lo-fi madness" perfectly describes this record. King Gizzard slay the game, did you know they're releasing FIVE albums this year? 

14. Thee Oh Sees | A Weird Exits + An Odd Entrances

Probably the most prolific garage/psych bands of our time right besides Ty Segall and King Gizzard. An Odd Entrances is an experimental landscape with all the right elements. These two should've been one big record but still are both a must listen. 

15. Fat White Family | Songs for Our Mothers

Fat White Family kills it, they deserve to be on everybody's list. We're crossing our fingers to see another album in 2017 from these psych gods.