We're super excited to announce that The Halfways is releasing a new album on Jan 20th called "In The Interim"! Here's the first released single and music video titled "I Don't Know How To Say No". This is just a tease of the goodness that is about to come. Read down below about Daniel Fernandez's experiences behind the making of his new single. 

"The song was written around July of 2015 and recorded around August or September. I recorded all the instruments myself and it was mixed by me and Andrew Shannon-Myers.

At the time, I was only recording this song as a bit of a side project given that I wasn't completely fulfilled by the recording process of our first EP. While I liked the music on it, I felt that we had kind of rushed through it and so I wanted to take my time to flesh out my next ideas. When I realized how much I liked this song, I tried for us to learn it as a full band but other things came up and we really never got around to it. 

After that, it became clear that that lineup of the band was not going to remain together due to our guitarist moving away and other internal circumstances, so I chose to pursue this song as well as others like it I had been recording for the past year with an entirely new lineup.

We decided to make a music video for this song with the help of Daniel Everett as Director of Photography. 

I wrote the concept for it and my girlfriend (also the new bassist for The Halfways), Taylor Catherine, played the protagonist and antagonist parts. 

Conceptually, the video is about being dissatisfied with a situation or life in general only to find that you are the source of your own dissatisfaction. Too often when we are unhappy, we look outwards and may place blame on others when what we should be doing is some introspection to find the real cause of our unhappiness. Many times, it's well within our reach to change the things we don't like about ourselves but first, we must identify and confront them even if the reality is unpleasant. 

The nature shots were filmed over two days at the Ann and Roy Butler Hiking Trail, one of Austin's many beautiful natural public spaces. The shoot was very stressful because on top of it being incredibly hot, the outfits for the video were very thick and warm so needless to say we were all getting cranky towards the end there. We all went home with heavy sunburns but luckily we shot everything and it looked really beautiful. Some deer were even gracious enough to do a cameo in the video. "