John Dwyer By Ryan Bussard

John Dwyer By Ryan Bussard

Just three months ago, the gods of blistering garage rock and maddening psychedelia beamed down upon us the beautiful creature known as A Weird Exits. It seems they have decided to bless us once again in these truly tumultuous times. This one will take some time to sink in, or it may not but regardless, records like these always make me ask the same question. How the fuck? 

An Odd Entrances will thrust you into an exploration of the crevices of your mind and soul while John Dwyer explores the vast abyss of psychedelia through guitars and synthesizers. “The Poem” is chilling, Dwyers vocals are whispered into your ears with a somehow beautiful sense of dread. “Jammed Exit” shakes you from that dread but holds you captive in the vast universe of psychedelia with slow drums, an ongoing riff, synthesizers, and a flute. The record closes with the lengthy track titled “Nervous Tech (Nah John).” The track holds a steady bassline but occasionally, it’s interrupted by Dwyer's harsh but lovable guitar riffs which are always accompanied by a gargantuan amount of fuzz. Somehow Thee Oh Sees never disappoint whether it's live or on a record.

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Words by Victor Villa.