Ty Segall’s Emotional Mugger left us curious. What could he do next? Ty adopted a new sound, a new stage persona, and a new band with the release of Emotional Mugger. Yet, Another album from him is already in the works, it seems like he never rests.

Today, he released a single titled “Orange Colored Queen” which did not disappoint. Here, Ty’s vocals are soft and clean which is not the usual from him, but is always welcomed. The vocals are accompanied with acoustic guitars and it all sounds like what Ty’s label described as “a supreme moment of tenderness.” To some, the track may sound like a song off of his album Sleeper which is refreshing from Emotional Mugger in which was more of a mind numbing, nightmare inducing, beautiful mess.

Ty Segall's new self titled album is set to release on January 27th on Drag City Records. We’ll be looking forward to it. Listen to the track below:

Words by Victor Villa.