Hailing from St. Petersburg, Florida, Veiny Hands is a four-piece band with an amazing sound. The first time we saw them perform, they quickly grasped everybody's attention and gave us some pretty insane chills, which only a number of bands can commence. Their debut self-titled EP is set to release on BUFU records and join their sweet arsenal alongside Tall Juan, Japanther, The Lemons and more!

We're more than psyched to be premiering the first single off the EP. It's titled "Tounging" and It'll reel you in within the first bass riff and keep you begging for more. Press 'play in browser below' and enjoy!

We also got the chance to catch up with front-man Rod Olfo and pick his brain a little, here's what we talked about:

You just got done with your Fall Tour right? Any moments that really stick out during it? 

New York definitely stuck out this tour. We played there two nights and both shows were so insanely different. First night was in Manhattan at a small club and it was a private party for some girls birthday that had no idea we were playing. our friend is a bartender there so he booked us with telling anyone. she was quite surprised when she heard us playing and saw what was going down. I thought she wasn't gonna like(not that I care but it was her party) but she actually really enjoyed. Second night, we played at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn with the Death Valley Girls and Honduras. Was a wild one.  also in Boone, NC with our buds The Nude Party was a great night lots of partying that night.

What do you guys usually play on the stereo when on tour? 

So much but it usually revolves around.. The Stooges, Wire, The Fall, Television, Modern Lovers, Bowie, James Brown. 

When and how did Veiny Hands originally form? 

We weren't trying to be an actual band. I met Brie and she never really played drums before so we just started playing together and Jasmine lives in the same house, that I do, so she started jamming with us. We thought it would be cool "if" we got a show and then we got one after only 4 times playing together. Started happening so fast after that!

Best & Worst things about being a band from Florida?

Well, the good thing is that it's cheap and easy to live here. Worst is it's so disconnected from other states. Takes like 8 hours to get out of this state, so you're far from everything.
You and Jasmine are both in other projects, can you tell us a bit about them and how it influences Veiny Hands (if they do)? 

Jasmine and I played together in bands before, Selectric being one with our friend Drew who plays in Sonic Graffiti. I just started playing guitar in Plastic Pinks. We also have our solo projects, we are always recording. Jasmine has been playing as Soapbox Soliloquy for a few years now. Our other projects don't directly influence Veiny Hands. We like so many different styles of music, that none of it ends up sounding the same.

Can you tell us a bit about the process of the EP?

We recorded two of the songs early on in the year and the rest were recorded around 6 months later. All our recordings were done by our friend, Alexander, at Yoko Phono Recordings. He runs an all analog studio out of his house. Jasmine and I wrote all of the songs and Brie played drums on it. Xtina came in after we had already done some of the songs but she ended up playing her parts on some of it as well. everything was done in a couple of days but in different times.

How longs it been in the making? 

We recorded everything pretty quickly but it took a while to get mastered. so overall about 8 months.

How do you feel now that it's about to release? 

Ready to get it out there. Already started recording new material for a full-length coming out next year. 

Best advice you've ever gotten? 
Trust no one - Dad

What do you guys hope to accomplish in the next few months or year?

Tour, record, tour, record.i think we will be touring a bit next year, we are going to the West Coast soon so I'm really stoked for that.
Anything else we should expect? 

AFull Length LP and hopefully lots of touring!